Rihanna’s Recent Weight Loss Fueled By Intensive Diet And Workout Regimen, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

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Rihanna has reportedly been adhering to a strict diet and exercise plan to lose weight. According to Hollywood Life, the Barbadian superstar has been going to the gym five times per week and has been working with a personal trainer to get her body into tip-top shape. Their source also said that the “Work” singer enjoys mixing strength training with cardio workouts with a particular emphasis on her core.

“Since Rihanna celebrated her 30th birthday earlier this year, she’s been super focused on getting into the best shape of her life,” the reported insider says.

As for her diet, it’s healthy to support the investment that she’s making in the gym. But the source maintains that this doesn’t mean the notoriously rebellious pop star is being “boring” with the things that she eats.

“She typically goes for eggs and fruit in the morning, but will switch things up for the rest of her meals,” Hollywood Life’s source added.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, fans of the singer, collectively called the “Rihanna Navy,” have noticed that she’s lost some weight. In a recent photo taken on a beach, she’s wearing a red high-waisted bikini and some fans commented on her visibly slimmer figure.

“I thought Rih was thicker” one person commented.

Others commented on Rihanna new hairstyle in the photo.

“Rih got braids!???? WHAAAT bish?” another person wrote.

As E! News reports, in her cover interview for the September issue of British Vogue, Rihanna indicated that she planned to lose weight. But don’t expect her to become super skinny.

“I’m about to get back into the gym…and I hope I don’t lose my butt or my hips or all of my thighs. I’ll lose some but not all,” she said.

Could this weight loss be a sign that new music is coming from Rihanna soon? NME reports that there are rumors that the songstress is working on a double disk of new tracks and that she started working on it soon after her last project, Anti, was released.

“She’s currently recording two albums – one full of chart-friendly songs, and another made up of moody and experimental tracks – and is considering releasing a double disc if she feels the songs won’t mesh well on the same album,” an alleged source told Metro, claiming that she did not like the performance of Anti.

The singer confirmed on a June episode of The Graham Morton Show that she is working on new songs but did not give any further details during the interview alongside her fellow Ocean’s Eight cast members. While lots of the specifics are unclear, fans are sure to be eagerly anticipating what Rihanna’s new era will sound and look like.