‘The Durrells In Corfu’ Season 4 Will Start Filming Later This Year


The Durrells in Corfu, the popular ITV and PBS series, will be back for Season 4, which will start filming late this year. Even though one Durrells star will be appearing in The Crown Season 3 as Prince Charles, he will still be part of the cast shooting in Corfu.

Radio Times says that The Durrells, which is about an English widow who picks up stakes and moves her struggling family to the island of Corfu, has maintained its popularity over the years. The series, which is based on books by Gerald Durrell, stars Keeley Hawes as Louisa Durrell, a quirky mother of four children eclectic children.

Season 4 will be a six-part series which tells the stories of Louisa, Lawrence (John O’Connor), Leslie (Callum Woodhouse), Margo (Daisy Waterstone) and Gerald (Milo Parker) Durrell.

The series based on conservationist Gerald Durrell’s childhood in the 1930s in Corfu was adapted and written by Simon Nye. When asked about the future of a relationship between Louisa and island local Spiros, Nye says he’s not telling, other than to say Spiros’ wife is returning with their children, so he is torn.

“They’re still together on the island, and who knows what the future is.”

Nye explains that the cast had been waiting to find out if The Durrells would get a fourth season.

“We’re still waiting. Obviously, the viewing figures have been pretty good, and there’s been a lot of love for the show, so I’m hopeful. But we don’t assume anything. I was commissioned to write two episodes for the new series a long time ago, so if the call comes.”

Then the production company finally got the green light this week. Sally Woodward Gentle of Sid Gentle Films made the announcement.

“We couldn’t be more delighted to be making more of The Durrells with our exceptional team and on the magical island of Corfu – it is a dream come true.”

Each season of the series plays first in the U.K. on ITV, and then PBS. American viewers still haven’t seen Season 3. ITV’s Senior Drama Commissioner Victoria Fea says the network and fans of The Durrells are eagerly awaiting the new season.

The Durrells has proven immensely popular with viewers and critics alike, so we’re thrilled to have commissioned another series. Simon Nye’s writing is witty, big-hearted and hugely engaging, so we’re looking forward to seeing what the fourth series has in store.”

The Durrells In Corfu Season 3 will air this fall on PBS.