The Sexiest Star Wars Cosplayers On Instagram

Cosplaying, which is literally a mashup of the words "costume and play," is a major part of geek culture that millions of people participate in, some even professionally. Of all the fandoms, the Star Wars universe has one of the largest and most devoted cosplaying communities. The thing that is so appealing about cosplay is not just that it gives fans a chance to dress up like their favorite characters, it is about living out those roles for a little while. It's an escape from reality where people can be whoever they want to, and best of all, there's no right or wrong way to do it, and no need to wait for a convention or event.

The Star Wars universe offers a wide range of roles for cosplayers to take on. There are men and women, androids, aliens, the good, the bad, and lots of characters in between. Some go for a literal representation of the characters they cosplay, while others choose to inhabit the spirit of who they are portraying. While no one is ever shamed for their appearance when cosplaying, it goes without saying that some cosplayers sometimes make it a little sexier than others, and these are the sexiest Star Wars universe cosplayers on Instagram.

This is an example of a cosplayer that goes for portraying the spirit of a character rather than a literal copy. While she has much less fur going on than Chewbacca, it doesn't mean she isn't instantly recognizable as the famous wookie, and the results of her portrayal are stunning.

Almacioci is a serious cosplayer who not only plays within the Star Wars universe but other sci-fi fandoms as well. In the Star Wars universe, she is best known for playing Padame and Rey, and she portrays them as accurately as they appear on film as possible, even doing an excellent job mimicking their facial expressions. She is a perfect example of a classic literal cosplayer, and she looks great doing it.Dannycozplay is one of the stars of cosplay, as her better than 67,000 Instagram followers can attest to, and she does a fantastic job portraying Leia in the Star Wars universe. While she is best known for her renditions of "slave girl" Leia, she pulls off her costumes from any of the franchise movies as well as anyone in the world of professional cosplay.According to Model Mayhem, Farrah DeMorte has been a model since 2000, appearing in Inked, Maxim, and JetSet. She has earned her SAG card working on a handful of horror movies and is a brand ambassador for Dab Tattoo Cream when she isn't absolutely slaying it in the cosplay world. In the Star Wars universe, she routinely portrays "slave girl" Leia. Her cosplay style is mostly a close representation of the film version adapted to accommodate her own personal flair and taste.Because cosplay isn't limited to just fans and professional cosplayers, here is Olivia Munn whose credits include The Newsroom, Magic Mike, and X-Men Apocalypse, according to her IMDB page. Munn already had plenty of geek cred built up as a host on Attack of the Show for nine seasons, but her Star Wars cosplay earned her the adulation of countless fans and a place in the geekdom hall of fame.
There's no right or wrong way to cosplay, and anyone who wants to can start today. All you need is the desire to do it. There are literally thousands of people on Instagram alone that post their cosplaying on a daily basis to draw inspiration from.