Johnny Galecki Hugs Bikinied Woman On The Beach And Fans Go Crazy Trying To Figure Out His Relationship Status

Phillip Faraone Getty Images

Johnny Galecki was spotted on the beach embracing a mystery woman, and Big Bang Theory fans want to know who she is. The 43-year-old actor posted a photo to Instagram which shows him hugging a brunette woman wearing a bikini. The woman’s face cannot be seen, but a large tattoo of a heart is clearly visible on her right thigh. Galecki did not tag the location of the photo or provide a caption.

Fans immediately jumped on the comments section to speculate on who Galecki is hugging in the pic. While some fans jokingly called the actor out for hugging someone other than Penny, his Big Bang Theory wife played by Kaley Cuoco, others told the star he looks “great” with this other woman.

“Get married already! You guys are great together!” one fan wrote. But other noted that the body language in the pic suggests Galecki and his bikinied lady “are just friends.”

“Dude that’s def an ‘I’m not into you let’s be friends’ hug,” one follower wrote.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking! Whatever this ‘relationship’ was, it’s pretty much over,” another added.

Another fan explained, “I don’t think that she’s in an actual relationship with Johnny – I think that they are just friends,” while another said it’s hard to imagine Galecki with a “hot” woman after playing “geeky” Leonard Hofstadter on Big Bang Theory for 11 seasons.

Several followers named the woman in Galecki’s photo as Alaina Marie Meyer. Meyer has a tattoo that matches the woman in the pic and last month she posted a photo of herself with Galecki in Malibu.

Meyer also commented on Galecki’s new post, writing, “My love” followed by three heart emojis just two days after she posted her own photo of herself posing on a Tahiti beach.

105 points to these two #theywin

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While that tattoo doesn’t lie, a couple of fans mistakenly identified the mystery woman in Galecki’sphotoo as Anna Friel, the actor’s co-star in the 2018 fantasy movie The Cleanse.

@annafriel take good care of him…make him the happiest that you can,” one lovelorn fan wrote. “@sanctionedjohnnygalecki I’m glad that even w such a busy life you have you were also lucky to find someone special.”

Indeed, Galecki does have a history of dating his co-stars, but this does not seem to be one of them. As a teen Galecki dated his Roseanne co-star Sara Gilbert. More recently, he had a real life, two-year relationship with Kaley Cuoco, his TV wife on The Big Bang Theory. The co-stars ended their romance in 2010 but have remained friends.

Johnny Galecki previously explained his still- close relationship with Kaley Cuoco in an interview for CBS Watch.

“We’re dear friends, still,” the actor said, according to Us Weekly “She’s not an ex; she’s a part of my life.”