Meghan Markle Will Soon Have Family Living In The U.K., And It Won’t Be Her Dad Or Siblings, Per ‘Express’

Steve ParsonsAP Images

Meghan Markle’s mom, Doria Ragland, is reportedly moving to the U.K. to live closer to her daughter and Prince Harry. The goal appears to be for Doria to be in England by her 62nd birthday next month, according to Express.

According to sources, Doria has been planning for the move in the past months. Most notably, she quit her social worker job in May. She was working at the Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services clinic in Los Angeles. And thanks to her daughters’ royal status, Doria has been seen with a security guard since November. The guard has even accompanied her back to her house, which she’s apparently only been doing every once in a while.

Doria was the only family member from Meghan’s side of the family to attend the royal wedding. The source described how Doria fell in love with England, and how her presence could be especially timely as her daughter prepares to have children.

“I’d bet Meghan is just as thrilled at the thought of having her mom close, especially when she and Harry have children. Doria is going to be an absolutely amazing grandma.”

And unlike the rest of the Markle family, Doria has remained fiercely loyal to her daughter, not spilling the beans during high-paying interviews, or sharing publicly her thoughts on her daughter’s marriage to Harry.

Doria is also known as “a real live-wire, full of enthusiasm” according to a friend. They said that even if she looked shy during the wedding on TV, that in real life she’s much more outgoing.

Mom’s decision to move to the U.K. is likely a welcome move for the duchess, who has been dealing with her dad’s never-ending stream of interviews. Along with her dad, her half-sister, Samantha, and half-brother, Thomas, Jr., have also made a commotion with the media by giving interviews and writing questionable letters to the queen.

In the meantime, Meghan is reportedly getting emotional support from her new royal family, including from Kate Middleton to deal with her dad’s outbursts.

Although there were rumors that Meghan might be visiting her dad during her solo trip to the U.S., following rumors stated otherwise. Worst of all, Thomas has given yet another tell-all interview during which he wrote an article that was posted by the Daily Mail. From stating that he’s not an alcoholic to refuting claims that he faked a heart attack, Thomas shared more private information about Meghan and her upbringing.