Jason London: I Was The Victim During Bar Fight

Last night it was reported that Jason London was arrested after a bar fight in Arizona. That may be true but the actor insists that he was not the aggressor. According to London, he was jumped by a few people at the bar and was then beaten up by the bouncers.

After TMZ broke the story that the Dazed And Confused actor had been arrested, London wrote on Twitter:

“Guys, the TMZ report is a total f***ing lie. I got jumped by three 250 pound bouncers. They knocked me out and beat me for several minutes. I would never say or do the crap they are reporting. Have faith in me. The truth will come out and you will see.”

London later wrote that the fight started after some guy accused him of hitting on his girl. The actor said that he never threw a punch during the fight and suffered several injuries during the incident.

London writes:

“Some guy thought I was hitting on his girl and had me jumped. My wife was in the next room, had no idea what even happened. I hate Arizona. Wait till you see the real pictures. I have a right orbital fracture and sinus fracture. The truth will win.”

The actor sent the photos to TMZ (you can see them here) and they aren’t too pretty. London has two swollen black eyes and scrapes on his forehead. The actor also sent out photos of his hands, which were free from injury, saying that he never threw a punch during the fight.

A rep for the actor said:

“Jason’s injuries are consistent with a brutal attack with deliberately and expertly aimed landed shots to the head which, according to eyewitnesses, continued even after he was unconscious.”

London is currently exploring his legal options against the Martini Ranch bar in Scottsdale, Arizona.