MLB Trade Rumor: Yankee/Marlin Backstop Swap Of Sanchez For Realmuto?

Seth WenigAP Images

New York Yankee general manager Brian Cashman never rests. It seems that way anyway, as there is almost a trade rumor for every day of the week that includes the Bronx Bombers. The latest talk is regarding the Yankees and Marlins swapping catchers, with Gary Sanchez going to the Marlins and J.T. Realmuto heading to the Yankees. Before champagne corks start popping, this is only a rumor, and a very unlikely one, at least right now. This is a deal that actually does make sense for both clubs, but getting each player through waivers would be very tough to say the least according to

Yankee fans and, if rumors are true, the front office are getting tired of Sanchez. The man has immense talent, there is no doubt about that, but he has demonstrated hustle issues, health issues, and there have been allegations that he is not leading on the field the way that a catcher should. Coming into the season, Sanchez was considered integral to the team, and his name being dropped in trade discussions would have been laughed off.

However, this season he has been brittle, spending too much time on the DL. He has shown a lack of hustle on multiple occasions that have had fans ripped and manager Aaron Boone perplexed. Add to that, his maturity has been called into question, which at 25 should not be an issue. Then consider his terrible offensive numbers and an unacceptable defensive slash line, and it is easier to understand how his name is coming up in trade talks.

Realmuto on the other hand is raking the ball, showing more power than ever and better plate discipline than he is known for. He is playing superior defense to Sanchez, and he is demonstrating decent leadership skills, which is what is needed from a signal caller. He would fit into the Yankee lineup perfectly, as theorized at Fancred. With the disparity between the two players, why would this deal go down? It’s all about the Benjamins.

The Yankees have Sanchez under club control for two more years at an affordable salary, and he is entering what could be his prime offensive years. Given all his other issues, that makes him attractive to almost every team in baseball. Realmuto is two years older than Sanchez, his contract is expiring, and he is arbitration eligible, which means the Marlins are going to have to make it rain to keep him. He is going to cost the Marlins a lot more than they seem inclined to spend right now, which is why the deal can actually work. With that said, remembering neither would clear waivers easily, if at all, means if this deal gets done, it may be done in the winter.