‘Big Brother’s’ Bayleigh Dayton Says She Won’t Be A Bitter Juror

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Bayleigh Dayton may have been the queen of blowups in the Big Brother house, but she plans to be a fair and impartial juror. The sixth evicted houseguest on the 20th season of the CBS reality show said that while she had “some weak alliance” members, she won’t hold a grudge over the fact that her friends voted her out of the game when it’s time for her to cast a vote for the winner of the show’s $500,000 grand prize.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Dayton said she’s not bitter about how things worked out for her in the Big Brother game, especially since she wasn’t at all blindsided by her eviction.

“It is so crazy because I barely made it to jury so I don’t really have much to be bitter about. If I had made it longer in the game, I probably would have been a little more bitter. No one really did anything to me, they just were terrified of me. I can’t really blame them for that.”

As the sixth evicted houseguest, Bayleigh Dayton will be the first juror for Big Brother 20, so she’ll have a full week of alone time in the sequester house to reflect on how things went down before she helps to name the winner of the landmark season in September.

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On the morning following her eviction from the Big Brother house, the Atlanta flight attendant told the Toronto Sun she wants to crown the most deserving player as the winner of the show’s coveted cash prize.

“I am not going to be a bitter juror. I want to vote for whose game is the best and who deserves it the most. I think the best game is being played by Scottie [Salton] because he is good with both sides, but also terrifying to both sides. He is good with competition, and also has $5,000 and a trip to Greece and no one is saying anything to him.”

While she plans to keep an open mind during the jury vote on the Big Brother finale next month, Bayleigh Dayton still thinks she’s owed an apology by ex-housemate Tyler Crispen. The two got into a nuclear blowout fight during which Dayton yelled so hard her mouth started to bleed. Dayton told Entertainment Weekly she thinks Crispen still owes her an apology for disrespecting her in front the world.

“Tyler owes me an apology because he had my trust, completely flipped on me, and disrespected me — not just in front of the house but in front of the whole world, and he never had the balls to apologize. And I was innocent, by the way,” Dayton said.

You can see Bayleigh Dayton’s blowout fight with Tyler Crispen below.

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