Horror Movie-Themed Bath Bombs Are Now Available


An Etsy shop is bringing horror movie and bubble bath fans horror movie-themed bath bombs for favorites such as IT, Jaws, Silence Of the Lambs, and so many more, reports Altpress. Fans are buying Bubble Mania Co.’s dark and scary aesthetic bath bombs.

These bath bombs come in more than just movie themes, being crafted after various shows, such as Pokemon, as well. So for the non-horror fans, Bubble Mania Co. still has classic designs for Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and Alice In Wonderland. The store also has an Instagram account, filled with images of all of the bath bomb creations. Bubble Mania Co., owned by Cordell Sutton, is located in Leeds, United Kingdon, but ships globally. Their Etsy store states that they have around 1,468 sales to date.

The bath bomb for Silence Of The Lambs features a giant maroon and golden moth centered on a white surface with red splatters, reminiscent of a blood splatter. A handcrafted Jaws bath bomb seems to be a popular seller for Bubble Mania Co. Blue like the ocean, white a huge shark mouth at the center, opened with the teeth on display, is also covered in a splash of red to resemble blood. The Jaws bath bomb retails for about $9.53 and is listed on the store as their best seller. As for the IT bath bomb, the design is that of Pennywise, with the clown’s face as the centerpiece, rainbow colors surrounding him. For those who are feeling witchy, Bubble Mania Co. also makes what they call their Witchcraft bath bombs in three distinct designs. One is purple and blue in color, with a pentagram, and the shop’s other two designs are one for Salem and one for Blair Witch.

The IT bath bomb serves as Bubble Mania Co.’s Halloween special, according to the item’s page on their Etsy store. Included with that bath bomb is a paper boat charm, which appears as the bath bomb melts away. For the scent, Bubble Mania Co. has chosen sweet, candy aromas. Quite bigger than the XL bath bombs that the store typically creates, the IT bath bomb is also more dense and heavy.

Currently, the Bubble Mania Co. Etsy store has an announcement stating, “Please expect delays we are receiving huge amounts of support and orders.” Orders shipping inside the UK are said to be delivered within five business days after dispatch, and shipments to Australia and Germany aim for an arrival of between three to seven days, but for those shipped to the U.S. or Canada, Bubble Mania Co. says they can have them delivered with 42 days after dispatch.