‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Jake Harris Has Pleaded Not Guilty In Court To Charges Of Drugs And Theft

Deadliest Catch star Jake Harris, who is currently residing in Marysville, Washington, has just entered a not guilty plea in Monroe Municipal Court over four different charges, including allegations of shoplifting and drugs.

According to the Monroe Monitor, on December 14 Harris was reprimanded at Walmart after allegedly attempting to make a return that store employees deemed fraudulent. Court documents indicate that Monroe police officer Nathan Erdmann confronted Jake Harris and a friend that had accompanied him to Walmart after an employee of the shop called the police over this return.

Walmart camera surveillance shows that Deadliest Catch fisherman Jake Harris and his friend entered the store with nothing in their hands, and the store employee who rang the police revealed that at some point Harris picked up a $70 car-top bag and tried to return the item for cash. Suspecting theft, the employee asked Harris for his name, at which point he refused and disappeared in search of his friend.

Deadliest Catch fans will remember Jake Harris as working on board the Cornelia Marie boat that his father, Captain Phil Harris, operated. Not long after Phil discovered that his son had drug issues, he collapsed and had a stroke, only to die not long afterwards. Jake’s brother Josh Harris is currently running the family boat and was featured on the newest episodes of the show, and both brothers have collaborated on a book about their beloved father.

Jake has certainly had a string of difficulties over the course of his lifetime, including an episode in 2016 where he was robbed and beaten horrifically in Everett, and then tossed onto the side of a road where he could have easily died if he hadn’t been spotted by a driver passing by, as the Inquisitr reported.

Police officer Erdmann is reported to have confirmed that the male friend who accompanied Harris to Walmart had a warrant that had been issued for his arrest, and when Jake Harris was asked to show what he had in his pockets allegedly had heroin on him as well as metal knuckles. His friend was reportedly carrying paraphernalia with which to smoke the heroin they had.

When police officers asked the Deadliest Catch star which vehicle in the parking lot was his, Jake Harris confirmed that he owned a pickup truck, and after a search warrant was obtained police recovered a meth pipe from his truck.

The four charges the Harris currently faces include one count of third-degree attempted theft, one count of first-degree criminal trespass, one count of use of drug paraphernalia and one count of first-degree driving with a license suspended. As Jake Harris was a no-show for the arraignment that was scheduled for March 21, an arrest warrant was issued on July 22, and Harris is reported to have made bail at the end of July.

Deadliest Catch fisherman Jake Harris is currently awaiting a pretrial hearing on August 22 at Monroe Municipal Court.

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