‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Questions Kiki, Kevin Approaches Carly, And Chase Talks Justice With Jason

Todd WawrychukABC

Friday’s episode is a big one, teases the latest General Hospital spoilers. Kiki shared some emotional testimony on the stand in her case against Bensch, but Franco accidentally texted Ava about how Kiki and Griffin slept together. The trial continues during the August 10 show, and viewers will also see action with Josslyn and Cameron, Oscar and Drew, Carly and Kevin, as well as with Chase and Jason.

General Hospital spoilers shared via Twitter show that Alexis will put Griffin up on the stand during Friday’s show. She’ll ask him if he and Kiki are just friends, and chances are that viewers and Kiki will hold their breath for a moment to see how he answers. He’s wanted to come clean about this, but it seems unlikely he’ll reveal this bombshell on the stand.

Unfortunately, Alexis remains in the dark about this news, while Ava now has just enough knowledge of the situation to be dangerous. General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll find a moment to talk to her daughter, asking if there’s anything Kiki would like to tell her. Of course, Kiki isn’t going to reveal the scoop about that fling with Griffin right there and then, so it’ll be interesting to see what Ava does next.

Franco is said to make a dramatic move of some sort, surely out of desperation to fix the big blunder he just made. General Hospital spoilers also note that Elizabeth will be feeling conflicted, and since she was seen at the courtroom, this is likely connected to the Kiki situation too.

Drew and Oscar with have a father-and-son chat and it looks like Drew will encourage Oscar to be supportive of Josslyn during this tough time. While Oscar will surely do his best, General Hospital spoilers hint that Joss may look for a way to embrace the bad-girl side of her that emerged during her battle with Nelle. She’ll be talking with Cameron, asking if he stole something, and fans have a hunch these two will continue to spend time together.

Mike’s mental health is continuing to deteriorate and General Hospital spoilers reveal that he’ll be struggling during Friday’s episode. He’ll worry that Sonny is trying to get rid of him, which will be difficult for Sonny to talk about since he wants to keep his father at home. At the same time, Sonny also realizes that it may be time for Mike to be moved to a more structured care setting.

Kevin will approach Carly and try to convince her to return to therapy. SheKnows Soaps shares that he will be apologizing and viewers will be curious to see where this heads next. Many suspect that the Ferncliff mystery patient is truly Kevin, with his even twin Ryan back from the dead, and having Carly in therapy could shift the focus back to this lingering storyline.

Chase and Jason will meet to talk, and Chase will question Jason. It looks like Chase will urge Jason to pursue justice, and most people would guess this is connected to Nelle. The character of Nelle is gone, at least for now, but there are still some loose ends to tie up with this storyline. There is a lot going on during Friday’s episode by the looks of things and General Hospital spoilers hint that the week of August 13 will be packed with drama too.