‘Big Brother 20’ Week 7 Spoilers: New HOH Planning Nominees For Eviction

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

Season 20 of Big Brother has just entered its seventh week and a new Head of Household is in power. Thursday night saw the eviction of Bayleigh Dayton with a vote of 6-1 leaving Angie “Rockstar” Lantry safe, and the houseguests immediately went into a live HOH competition. Viewers watched as Haleigh Broucher nabbed the title of HOH which was extremely crucial for her safety this week.

Haleigh has wasted no time in her one-on-one meetings with the other houseguests, and it appears she has a plan for who she’ll be placing on the block for the week. According to a Big Brother live feeds Twitter account, Angela Rummans and Kaycee Clark are Haleigh’s current choices for eviction. Angela was the Week 6 HOH, and Kaycee is often referred to online as the floater of the season. Both women are members of the original “Level 6” alliance which is currently down to just four players.

Despite being on the block, Angela and Kaycee are not the true targets for Haleigh’s HOH week. The plan, for now, is to backdoor mastermind Tyler Crispen. Haleigh nominated Tyler for eviction secretly in Week 6 when she won the title of the first hacker. Eventually revealing herself to the group, Haleigh became target number one for Week 7, which was shut down with her HOH win.

Haleigh Broucher competes for HOH Week 7
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Putting Tyler up for nominations would be a big mistake with the Hacker Competition in play, as it allows the lifeguard two chances to remove himself from the block. Along with the Power of Veto competition, Tyler would likely be pulled off so the only way to take a legitimate stab and getting him out is through a back door after the POV competition.

This weeks hacker will have the opportunity to remove one person from the block and replace them with another nominee anonymously. They will also choose one person to play in the POV, as well as nullify one vote during Thursday’s live eviction. Haleigh is eligible for the hacker position yet again, as it does not discriminate against the HOH.

Angie Lantry and Bayleigh Dayton await the result of the live eviction vote on Big Brother.
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Some of the “Level 6” alliance believe Haleigh will put Sam on the block, as Sam put Haleigh on the block a few weeks back. For now, that has no impact on Haleigh’s nominations as Sam is not a threat in the house as much as “Level 6” is.

The nomination ceremony is set to take place Friday with the Hacker competition immediately to follow.

To see who Haleigh puts on the block, watch Big Brother this Sunday at 8 p.m. EST.