Secret Stallone Tapes Destroyed As Part Of Confidential Abuse Settlement

The multimillion dollar settlement between Sylvester Stallone and his half sister Toni-Ann Filiti over alleged abuse also reportedly required her to destroy secretly made recordings of their private conversations.

As The Inquisitrpreviously reported, the actor handed his late sibling a multimillion dollar payday in 1987 apparently prompted by her claims of physical abuse, which he vigorously denied. Stallone’s mother Jackie has insisted her son was just a target of blackmail and that the allegations were unfounded.

According to the New York Post’s gossip column Page Six, the Rocky and Expendables star agreed to give Toni-Ann Filiti a lump sum payment of $2 million plus about $17,000 a month for life and an annual $50,000 stipend for psychiatric and medical bills.

The secret Stallone tapes were addressed in the terms of the written settlement between Sly and his half-sibling, the Post reports:

“According to confidential settlement documents, the tapes allegedly contained conversations between Filiti, who died in August, and Stallone, identified in one document only as ‘S.’

” ‘This is to acknowledge receipt from you of a total of six cassette tapes, four of which contain conversations between you and your older half-brother who we are referring to as S.,’ reads a letter addressed to Filiti by her attorneys at the time.

“The memo dated Aug. 3, 1987, continues, ‘You understand that in accordance with the terms of the settlement agreement between you and S., I and your father are required to destroy all tapes.’ “

Apart from the destroyed secret Stallone tapes, the Post also claims that other tapes could be floating around that “could reveal more about Stallone’s bizarre family.”

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