Princess Diana Escaped Her Feelings Of Being A ‘Prisoner’ In The Royal Family By Breaking This Rule

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A new report by People Magazine claims that Princess Diana escaped her feelings of being a royal outsider by taking this bold step and breaking this royal rule while she was still living within the confines of Windsor Castle.

According to her royal biographer Andrew Morton, Diana’s unhappiness in her marriage to Prince Charles grew even more pronounced as her husband carried on a longtime affair with his mistress Camilla Parker Bowles.

Her way of fighting back? Becoming her own advocate and secretly telling her story via what would later become the blockbuster tell-all, Diana: Her True Story, something that no royal had ever done before as the royal rule is to not comment on press stories or speculation about their lives.

“It explained Diana’s feelings, her sense of isolation, her sense of being a prisoner,” Andrew Morton said to People.

“Once that leached into the popular imagination and people got to understand who she was as a three-dimensional character, then people responded to her,” he continued.

Long known informally as “The People’s Princess,” Diana brought a fresh face and attitude to a monarchy that was steeped in tradition and falling flat with modern times.

Princess Diana allowed the British people and people around the world the chance to renew their interest in the family with her approachable attitude and willingness to transition the monarch into somewhat of a modern family.

“You could see that people wanted the Diana monarchy, one that was more approachable, a bit looser. A little bit more empathetic to their own issues and problems,” revealed Morton to People.

Diana effectively circumvented the watchful eye of the royal family via tapes delivered to Morton through an intermediary, where she responded to his questions for the book.

Diana: Her True Story was published in 1992, the year she separated from Prince Charles before their divorce was finalized in 1996.

The book blew open what really went on behind the palace walls and portrayed Diana as vulnerable, afraid, and worried that if she left the House of Windsor, she would effectively lose any influence over her beloved sons, Princes William and Harry.

Kate Middleton Channeled Princess Diana In Tribute As She Left Hospital With New Baby, A Tradition For Kate
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As their lives unfolded and both sons married, it was apparent that their mother still played an important role in their lives. Prince William gifted wife Kate Middleton with his late mother’s iconic blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring. Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with an engagement ring containing diamonds from Diana’s jewelry collection.

Princess Diana's Presence Was Felt Throughout Royal Wedding As Prince Harry Paid Touching Tribute To His Mom
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Prince Harry also included Diana’s sister, Lady Jane Fellowes, as a part of the wedding ceremony. She gave a reading during the service at St. George’s Chapel inside Windsor Castle, which was decorated with white roses, Diana’s favorite flower.

It wasn’t until Diana’s tragic death in 1997 after a car accident in Paris that Morton revealed it was the princess who provided the book’s source material.

Morton’s latest work is a biography of the late Princess’ daughter-in-law Meghan Markle titled Meghan: A Hollywood Princess.