‘Big Brother’ Season 20 Spoilers: Bayleigh Dayton Explains Massive Meltdown, Says Houseguests Drove Her Insane

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Bayleigh Dayton has been evicted from the Big Brother house, but she didn’t go down without a fight. The outspoken Atlanta flight attendant was backdoored by her Season 20 housemates after she was mistakenly thought to be the Big Brother hacker. But even after her name was cleared, Dayton was unable to save herself from eviction while up against Angie “Rockstar” Lantry.

After her eviction was announced, Dayton was heard saying, “I’m no longer a big scary black lady,” which seemed to hint at the fact no black woman has ever won the CBS reality show.

Bayleigh Dayton was not blindsided by her Big Brother eviction, The blindside came a few days earlier when Head of Household Angela Rummans falsely called her out as the Big Brother hacker. Although Bayleigh repeatedly denied that she was the winner of the secret hacker competition, no one believed her until the real hacker, Haleigh Broucher, came clean.

Earlier in the week, Bayleigh Dayton went nuclear during an argument with Tyler Crispen over her status as the hacker. Bayleigh ended up in the diary room in tears after what may have been the biggest blowout in Big Brother history.

You can see Bayleigh Dayton’s Big Brother meltdown below.

In her post-eviction interview with Julie Chen, Bayleigh, who was the winner of the Identity Theft power app that would have allowed her to secretly take over the Head of Household’s picks for the chopping block, acknowledged her mistakes in the game.

Bayleigh admitted that telling Rachel Swindler about her power app was her biggest mistake, but she said she only did it to shut her up because she was crying so much. Bayleigh also had some choice words for the rest of the Big Brother cast, according to Gold Derby.

“I’m not scared of none of those people in that house. I’m a true Gemini… I do love them but they get on my last nerve. You don’t understand being in that house with those people drove me insane. I had to keep my mouth shut because they already expected me to be crazy so then it just kind of exploded.”

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While Bayleigh Dayton may have a few regrets about her Big Brother game, her biggest win was meeting new boyfriend Chris “Swaggy C” Williams, with whom she formed a fast relationship with within days of crossing paths with him on the CBS reality show.

“I’m in love with him. He better be in love with me or I’ll kick his butt.”

Bayleigh Dayton will have to wait to reunite with Swaggy until after Big Brother wraps in September. Dayton is the first member of this season’s Big Brother jury.

Big Brother airs Sundays Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.