‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Socializes With Thomas Ravenel’s Ex

Dennis wishes things would have worked out with ex Luzanne Otte.

Kathryn Dennis
Paul Cheney / Bravo TV

Dennis wishes things would have worked out with ex Luzanne Otte.

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel and his girlfriend have long floated the theory that his ex Kathryn Dennis could never get along with anyone who has dated him, but this has been proven untrue by her friendship with now Ravenel ex Luzanne Otte, who also happens to be a friend of cast favorite, Patricia Altschul.

Luzanne Otte, a Los Angeles lawyer dated Ravenel briefly last summer, breaking things off after approximately eight dates said that one of the things that turned her off about Ravenel was the way he spoke about Dennis, says The Daily Mail. Otte explained that Ravenel spoke badly of Dennis regularly to her and in a group of people. He suggested that he would be better off if she overdosed.

“Kathryn had just gotten out of rehab at the time and was trying to get on the straight and narrow and he seemed almost sadistic by bringing up her failings and weaknesses. It was very dark, and it was in the company of three other people, that he said he thought he would be better off if she overdosed.”

Otte was blown away that someone would talk about the mother of their children that way.

Otte explained that Ravenel was comfortable sharing these thoughts with her and others in a party setting.

“I’ve never heard anyone say that about their worst enemy, much less the mother of their children. I mean aside from the basic human cruelty it was just very disturbing.”

But while these red flags were disturbing, Otte had one final interaction with Ravenel alone at his house that she refers to as “Jekyll and Hyde” and said it was like a switch suddenly flipped. She says they had arrived at his home in Charleston after a nice, low key dinner when she heard noises which sounded like a fight downstairs.

“I thought [Thomas] was in some sort of an altercation on the telephone with somebody and sort of peeked out the door and he was coming up the staircase and I realized there was no phone and he was directing that diatribe against me.”

He was insisting that Otte was “f***ing the neighbor” and got very close to her, screaming.

“He likes to tell people he was a wrestler in college. He got right up to me and it seemed like he wanted to fight me, like physically fight me and it was so outlandish I wanted to laugh but my instinct was… don’t laugh at him because he’s going to hit you if you do. It was like I was in some Kafkaesque nightmare. I had no idea what was happening.”

Luzanne Otte left that night for Altschul’s home and never saw Ravenel face to face again.

Though Luzanne Otte and Kathryn Dennis didn’t meet when Otte was seeing Ravenel, the two have struck up a friendship since, and now have been seen several times hanging out along with Patricia Altschul in Charleston and in Los Angeles, says Bravo. Otte and Dennis have struck up a friendship outside of their mutual relationships with Altschul, and have agreed that they would have been great together if things had worked out between Luzanne and Thomas.

On a recent trip to Los Angeles, photos on social media showed Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Patricia Altschul dining out with Otte and socializing at The Abbey with a group of other friends.

Dennis has clearly stated in the past that she’s just fine with Ravenel dating, but she isn’t okay with her children being in peril.