Kelly Ripa Sizzles In A #TBT Post Wearing Sexy Lingerie

Kelly Ripa leaning by her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
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As a person that has been in show business for over 30 years, Kelly Ripa seems to always know what her fans want and has an innate ability to deliver on almost all of their reasonable desires. One of the ways the highly rated talk-show host does that is by connecting with her fans on social media. Instagram is her platform of choice, where she slays her nearly two million followers with shots from work, lounging around, with her hubby Mark Consuelos, and now and then with something old, as she did today with a sizzling hot #TBT post to get Thursday headed in the right direction.

In her #TBT photo, Ripa is posed in a white lacy negligee, while seated on the edge of a white cushioned bench. With her hair gently tousled as if wind-blown by a gentle ocean breeze, she looks quite stunning. For accessories, she wears only a simple necklace and ring, and a bouquet of feathers sits in front of her that she is barely touching. She is sporting a deep, rich tan that looks real instead of sprayed on, and she is wearing a playful yet seductive grin that hints she is in on a funny little secret that no one else knows as she looks toward the sky.

#tbt If the slip fits, wear it as outerwear. (Feathers optional)????

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In the here and now, Ripa has been staying busy with her talk show Live With Kelly & Ryan which just hit it’s biggest audience numbers since the beginning of July according to Broadway World, making it the second most watched syndicated talk show for the week among women 25-54. After having a bit of a down-spell with rating numbers, everything is heading in the right direction again, and Ripa has been a guest on a handful of talk shows as well, whereas of late her 22 years of marriage in Hollywood has been a hot topic, as discussed in US Weekly.

Ripa definitely has the magic touch when it comes to talk shows it seems. Actor Jerry O’Connell has credited Ripa with guiding him and giving him the necessary pointers to start a second career as a talk show host, along with some kind words about her as a person and professional, as reported by UPI.

“I had known her a little bit, ironically, through Andy Cohen, through Mr. Bravo himself. She said: ‘Hey, come on the show. We need some co-hosts while Regis is on leave.’ I went in a bunch of times. It was just like blind luck that I did it and I really enjoyed it. She’s just such a natural and just so amazing at bringing the best out of anyone she’s on screen with or anyone she’s with, period. It was really Kelly Ripa that sort of got me into it. I thought I’d just go on auditions and get acting jobs, and it was really Kelly Ripa that really not only first asked me to do it, but then encouraged me to keep doing it.”