Judge Sautner To Lindsay Lohan: Glad You’re Feeling Better

Lindsay Lohan was almost a no-show for her court appearance but made plenty of time to go shopping. That decision led Judge Stephanie Sautner on Wednesday to look at Lohan and proclaim, “I’m glad to see you’re feeling better.”

Lohan had originally claimed she could not appear in court because of an upper respiratory infection, but she was then spotted out on the town for a day of shopping.

After Lindsay Lohan told the judge she was fine with longtime lawyer Shawn Holley abandoning her case, she was met by New York attorney Mark Heller, who entered the courtroom with a good luck rabbit’s foot attached to his bag.

When directly asked if she was okay with the attorney change, Lohan said she was OK with the change for today. Judge Sautner then asked if Lohan was okay with the change today and tomorrow, to which Lohan agreed.

Heller is now representing Lindsay in her lying-to-police case, and his representation has already taken a strange turn. Addressing judge Sautner, the attorney told the judge they had a NYC connection as he once served as a NYC detective. Judge Sautner quickly fired back that flattery had no place in her court.

Following Heller’s remarks Judge Sautner reminded Lohan that, if found guilty in the lying case, she could have her probation in the jewelry case revoked.

Lohan is set to appear back in court on March 1.

Lindsay Lohan has not responded to her case publicly, and her Twitter account has been oddly quiet since January 25.

[Image via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]