Korn Reunites With Guitarist Brian Head Welch

Korn will be reuniting this year with guitarist Brian Head Welch. While a specific set list and concert dates have not yet been set, it seems certain Korn will be rocking out again with one of its original members.

Brian Head Welch explained to Rolling Stone how he came to rejoin Korn:

“I played one song last May [at the Carolina Rebellion Festival]. I showed up at that festival – I was on tour with POD, and we had a few days off. They had a big festival, and Korn, Evanescence and Five Finger Death Punch were playing. I wanted to go and my daughter loves those bands. So I took her, and I was just going to go hang out.

“Then I met up with Munky, who I hadn’t seen in seven years, and talked with him for 30 minutes. It was really heavy. Then, 10 minutes before they went onstage, [bassist] Fieldy is like, ‘I’m just saying, we have a guitar set up for you.’ I’m like, ‘What? I just want to see you guys! All right, I’ll play ‘Blind.’ It was just crazy, because it was really emotional. That’s what set it up. Munky called me a month after that, and he said, ‘Hey, if you ever want to come back, the door’s open. We miss you.'”

In 2008, Brian Head Welch had released his first solo album entitled Save Me From Myself. While that record album only did so-so, in addition to returning to Korn Welch will be fronting his other band, Love and Death, which just released their debut album, Between Here & Lost, on Tooth & Nail Records last week.

Brian Held Welch talked to Revolver about the reaction to his new album:

“It’s been really good and positive. I’ve yet to hear anything negative. We’re pretty stoked on the reaction. The song is solid and the video makes it even better. It’ll be coming out soon.”

Welch says his fan’s reaction to his returning to Korn has been positive, as well:

“Everyone is broken in this world. There’s so much divorce, hate and unforgiveness. For people to see this, I think it’s just really uplifting. I never thought it would happen, and I’m not sure they did either. The fans just love it, because a lot of the fans back in the day were like, suicidal, and from broken homes and abuse. They looked up to us like their family. And to see their family split up was hard on them. To get it put back together, there is a joy around the people who care about it.”

What do you think about Brian Head Welch returning to Korn?