‘Warcraft’ Filmmarker Duncan Jones Will Direct TV Series Adaptation Of ‘Killer Intent’ Novel

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Tony Kent’s novel, Killer Intent, has captured the eye of Hollywood filmmakers, particularly that of Duncan Jones, who has been announced by Screen Rant to be putting together a television series adaptation of the novel. Jones is known for his 2009 breakout film, Moon, which starred Sam Rockwell. He has also directed Source Code starring Jake Gyllenhaal, and the big-budgeted CGI-led video game adaptation of Warcraft. This television series for Killer Intent will be Jones’s first television directing go.

Many of those working in Hollywood are now turning their gazes to television and streaming networks recently. The medium of television continues to increase, becoming a new, regular destination for higher-profile actors and directors. Not only will Killer Intent be Jones’ first gig with television, but it will also prove to be a move that will move the director out of his realm in sci-fi and fantasy, moving into an action thriller.

Screen Rant claims the series adaptation for Killer Intent seeks to be “something akin to Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books and movies.” The novel from Kent focuses on character Joe Dempsey, an intelligence agent, who uncovers a conspiracy threatening to destabilize British government. Dempsey works to do this alongside “Irish barrister Mechael Devlin and American television journalist Sarah Truman.” All of this happens in the novel after a failed assassination attempt in the British government. Kent crafted this novel, Killer Intent, to be the first of a series. Marked For Death has already been set to be published in early 2019 as the sequel. Tony Kent’s novel has a 4.1 stars out of a five-star rating on Good Reads. The book can be purchased on Amazon in hardcover for $12.15 USD brand new.

Jones spoke to reporters, giving his official statement on the upcoming project. He also shared an image of the novel’s front cover background on his Instagram account, announcing the direct-to-TV adaptation to his followers via social media.

“Tony’s writing style is already so cinematic, working with him and a room of writers to adapt his first book will be a thrill. I’m excited to get my teeth into some contemporary set action, and have time to develop characters over a series rather than a single film.”

An exact episode count for the television series adaptation of Killer Intent has not been mentioned, nor has it been stated which television network or streaming service the show will be aired on. Currently, the television adaptation also has no premiere date listed.

Having directed numerous actions sequences in his films, many are saying this step into the constraints of a more contemporary setting will indeed “help distinguish this project even more from his growing catalog of film features.”