‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Asks For Help, Michael Wants To Hold ‘Wiley,’ And Jordan Pressures Nelle

Richard ShotwellInvision / AP Images

Viewers cannot wait to watch Monday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that the action will pick up right where it left off on Friday and fans will not want to miss a minute of this August 6 show. What can everybody expect?

The sneak peek shared via Twitter shows that Jordan will be pushing Nelle to come clean at the PCPD. She’ll tell Nelle that she should tell the truth for once in her life, but General Hospital spoilers hint that Nelle will be resistant to cooperating. She may be backed into a corner, but she’s not done fighting yet. Teasers hint that there’s more to come this week with Nelle, as She Knows Soaps reveals that she’ll even be taunting someone in the episodes ahead.

Ava thought she had the upper hand by hiding away the baby blanket that Nelle used to taunt Carly, but now she’s in a panic over it being in her possession. General Hospital spoilers from ABC indicate that she’ll sit down with Julian and reveal what she’s been hiding.

Julian will quickly piece together how important this blanket is, and he’ll scoff as Ava tries to claim that she’s trying to help Carly. General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll have a plan that involves Julian getting the blanket into the right hands to give her some distance from the situation, and he’s likely going to balk at whatever she has in mind.


Brad has been a basket case since Nelle convinced him to take her baby and pass him off as Wiley. Brad, Lucas, and the baby headed to the PCPD after Brad was beckoned by Jordan and viewers saw on Friday how nervous he was to walk in and see Michael there.

General Hospital spoilers share that Michael will ask to hold Wiley and obviously, this will rattle Brad. However, at least for now, he manages to keep this massive secret about Wiley really being baby Jonah from emerging. Some GH fans wondered on Friday if Michael had some sort of sense that the baby was really Jonah, but for now, it seems he’ll remain in the dark.

Monday’s show brings concerns from Jason and a few moments of him interacting with Sam again, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that there’s more bantering ahead between Drew and Margaux. Carly will rant to Sonny about how she needs time and doesn’t have it, and teasers suggest there are intense moments coming this week with this storyline.

There is a lot of drama set to play out this week on General Hospital and spoilers hint that there are twists and turns ahead. Stay tuned for additional teasers as the week progresses and don’t miss what comes next during Monday’s show.