Deion’s Daughter Joins Bikini League? Sanders Not Happy With Deiondra’s New Team

Deion Sanders’ daughter has joined the bikini basketball league.

Deiondra Sanders has been practicing with the team for over a month now but she only recently opened up about how her famous father feels about her playing in the bikini basketball league.

In a radio interview, Deiondra said:

“My dad was kind of upset, but that’s like any parent who just sees bikini league. He thought I was gonna be out there in a bikini. He [saw] a picture of our uniform and stuff like that, so I think once he saw that we’re actually covered up a little bit, he wasn’t as concerned.”

Like Deiondra said, the bikini basketball league is a little misleading. The league should be called the sports bra and bike shorts basketball league but, you know, SBBSBL is too many letters.

Deion’s daughter will be playing for the Atlanta Peaches, one of five teams in the league, this season.

Sanders said that the bikini basketball league is different than the LFL because it isn’t trying to exploit the female body. Sanders said that the Bikini Basketball League has some really good players and that the competition should be exciting.

Sanders said:

“I just think that it’s a lot different because we actually do have players, real basketball players, that actually have played in the WNBA before. So I think that this will make a difference because people are really gonna see real-life hoopers. They just look good while doing it.”

The LFL recently decided to drop its underwear in favor for more professional uniforms. The BBL may not use completely revealing clothing but the league does bill itself as a “Basketball league for sexy athletic ladies.”

Here are some photos of Deiondra Sanders and the Atlanta Peaches.

deiondra sanders getting ready for practice

deiondra sanders

deiondra sanders bikini basketball league

What do you think of the bikini basketball league? Are you surprised that Deion was initially upset that his daughter would be playing in the league?