‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For August 6-10: Nelle Fights, Finn Resists, And Scotty’s Back

The week of August 6 will be a juicy one according to the latest 'General Hospital' spoilers.

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The week of August 6 will be a juicy one according to the latest 'General Hospital' spoilers.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of August 6-10 tease that there are intense developments on the way. Josslyn took down Nelle in an epic fight during Friday’s show, but Nelle isn’t ready to admit defeat entirely yet. Finn has been taken hostage as he set out to find Anna, and Scott is back in the picture as Kiki’s case against Bensch nears its court date. Where are things headed during the coming week?

Soap Central suggests that Nelle will still have some fight in her despite currently being in custody at the PCPD. General Hospital spoilers previously shared via the Inquisitr detail that actress Chloe Lanier will wrap up her time playing Nelle this week, but there are some wild scenes on the way before she departs.

As Nelle battles, General Hospital spoilers tease that Ava will be desperate to get rid of the blanket that links her to the Carly chaos. She Knows Soaps hints that she’ll be inspired in some way by her brother Julian, and later in the week, she’ll turn her attention back to Kiki and the upcoming trial. She’ll put some pressure on Scotty and Griffin will be touched to see some actions she makes that show her intense love for her daughter.

This week will bring more with Finn and his captors, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he’ll do his best to resist caving to their demands. He’s not necessarily in the driver’s seat here, but Robert did implant a tracker in him so viewers can surely expect to see Robert intervene soon in some way.

Jason is worried about what comes next for Carly and General Hospital spoilers reveal that he’ll take a risk and reach out to Margaux. She’s said to be resistant to whatever he wants, so it looks as if there are difficult choices to be made as he tries to keep Carly out of trouble.

Drew will do something big this week and it seems that viewers will see more of Drew and Margaux together. General Hospital spoilers note that there’s good stuff ahead for fans of Elizabeth and Franco, although he’ll take some dramatic steps that may worsen an already difficult situation. Elizabeth is feeling torn, probably in regards to what she knows about Carly’s escape, and teasers note that there’s some action involving Kevin in the days ahead as well.

General Hospital spoilers tease that both Anna and Monica will pop up this week and Nelle’s farewell should be an enticing one. Viewers will be anxious to learn more about Peter’s recent tease regarding there being more patients in the memory switch situation and additional teasers regarding what’s coming next will emerge as the week plays out.