August 6, 2018
Home Of The Deep Dish, Chicago Will Be Site Of U.S. Pizza Museum

The United States Pizza Museum was initially created in 2015; however, the museum mostly existed in pop-up exhibits and online. The Chicago Tribune recently ran a story on the report of the Pizza Museum's big move, which NBC 15 says will open through October this year. This museum's opening may end up going longer, according to some reports. The home for the U.S. Pizza Museum will officially be in Chicago's South Loop neighborhood this coming Friday, when doors open.

Kendall Bruns is the founder of the U.S. Pizza Museum. He recently told journalists that the new space will be 3,000 square feet, allowing him to display the full story of the creation of pizza and its U.S. pizza makers. While the museum is not a restaurant, they will be serving pizza at nearby pizzerias and food trucks for those with a craving either before or after walking through the halls of the U.S. Pizza Museum and seeing depictions of the food.

Chicago was a good pick, according to some, for the U.S. Pizza Museum to settle in, at least for now. The city happens to be the location of the original Chicago-styled deep dish pizza. There are actually various Chicago styled pizzas, but many know of the Chicago deep dish as the most famous or at least well known. More information on the Chicago deep dish pizza, as well as a few places to grab a bit while in the windy city, can be found on Serious Eats.

Tim Samuelson, who happens to be Chicago's official cultural historian currently, has told the Chicago Tribune that truthfully, there is not enough evidence to determine with utmost certainty who indeed invented the Chicago-style deep dish pizza; although it is often cited that Pizzeria Uno invented the dish in 1943, according to Uno's founder, Ike Sewell, notes The Wayback Machine.

Regardless of who created the Chicago deep dish pizza, many pizza lovers are huge fans. Unlike other forms of pizza, the deep dish crust is cut very deep, as the name suggests, which in effect creates a pizza which ends up resembling a pie more so than a flatbread.

To honor the deep dish pizza, Frito Lay has actually released a new flavor, inspired by Giordano's Chicago deep dish pizza, reports CBS Chicago. Lay's new flavors include cajun spice, chile con queso, crab spice, deep dish pizza, fried pickles with ranch, lobster roll, pimento cheese, and Thai sweet chili.

The city boasting to have given the world deep dish pizza is likely very excited to be home to the U.S. Pizza Museum.