‘Big Brother 20’: Tyler Crispen Predicted To Be Season’s Winner According To ‘Gold Derby’

Big Brother 20 Tyler Crispen frontrunner Gold Derby
Sonja Flemming / CBS

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

For the time being, Tyler Crispen of Big Brother Season 20 appears to be the frontrunner to take home $500,000 in just a few weeks. Gold Derby, the website that “predicts Hollywood races,” currently ranks Tyler as the houseguest mostly likely to win the season. The website allows users to sign up to vote for who they believe will win a reality competition series, as well as major awards, such as the Emmys, Academy Awards, and Grammys.

The blog is calling Tyler the “overwhelming frontrunner” to win Season 20 with his odds at 4/5 currently. At the end of the pack is Angie “Rockstar” Lantry with 100/1 odds of taking home the half million dollar prize. Following behind Tyler is Sam Bledsoe (6/1 odds), Bayleigh Dayton (14/1 odds), Brett Robinson (20/1 odds), JC Mounduix (22/1 odds), Angela Rummans (28/1 odds), Scottie Salton (28/1 odds), Haleigh Broucher (33/1 odds), Kaycee Clark (33/1 odds) and Faysal Shafaat (66/1 odds).

Tyler has been secretly running the house since Day 1 which was solidified when he became the season’s first Head of Household. The lifeguard has been able to manipulate the HOH’s who followed after him to put up who he wanted for eviction, and he has never really been questioned by any of his houseguests.

Tyler Crispen of Big Brother Season 20
  Sonja Flemming / CBS

Despite being a loyal member of the “Level 6” alliance, Tyler has made friends on the other side of the house, as well as with floaters Sam and JC. He has stayed close with Haleigh and Scottie of “The Hive” alliance and even gained the trust of Bayleigh after a few weeks.

Only this week did someone begin to question his way of working the middle of the house when Haleigh put Tyler on the block anonymously. After winning the Hacker Competition, Haleigh secretly removed Scottie and replaced him with Tyler who she clearly doesn’t trust.

For now, Tyler remains on the block but is more than likely going to be pulled down by alliance member Angela who won the weeks Power of Veto competition. For now, the plan is to backdoor Bayleigh as the Inquisitr previously reported. According to Gold Derby‘s current rankings, that would knock out the number three frontrunner drastically changing everyone’s odds in the game. Sunday night’s episode of BB20 should also see Haleigh rise in the ranks as she has made one of the biggest moves so far this season, something those voting on odds will greatly appreciate.

To see if Tyler is removed from the block, watch Big Brother this Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.