The Sexy Birthday Photos Of Paris Hilton And Charli XCX That Have The Internet Steamed Up

Paris Hilton had to drop a photo on Instagram of a wild night in Ibiza with her girl Charli XCX, AKA Charlotte Emma Aitchison, to mark the singer and songwriter’s 26th birthday. The pair shares some history together, as Aitchison cited Hilton’s 2006 single “Stars Are Blind” as the main inspiration for her album Number 1 Angel. Prior to that, Hilton could be seen from time to time where Charli XCX was performing, and the paparazzi began regularly snapping the pair hanging out together around the hottest clubs in L.A., New York City, and before long all around the world, including a stop together in Ibiza where the pair clubbed hard.

While The Cambridge born singer has been busy on tour with R&B star Camila Cabello and the queen of pop Taylor Swift, she managed to take a little time to enjoy her birthday. Aitchison has the opening slot of the show, so she has been throwing out her best and biggest hits right off the bat such as “Boom Clap” and “I Love It” to get the crowd going, according to Exclaim. That comes at the cost of not getting to perform her newer material produced over the last 18 months which was cited as experimental, but very good.

In an interview with The Beat Juice, Aitchison talked about what made her want to hang out with Hilton when she was younger, and how those initial perceptions are still valid and fun for her now that they have actually become friends.

“I love her aesthetic. I was obsessed with The Simple Life when I was younger and now that I’ve met her I think she’s a really f****ng cool, nice person. My thing with her and the Kardashians, is that I relate it to PC Music in a way; I think they’re all just having fun. Whether people are talking s**t about them – ‘what do they even do?’, ‘they’re so stupid’ – it’s like, who cares? They’re obviously having a great time doing what they’re doing and living this maxi, maxi, maximalist life of fun stuff.”

Charli XCX just had a birthday on August 2, that she spent looking hot in her white bikini, hands clasped behind her head, just going with the motion of the ocean aboard a luxury yacht framed by a deep blue sea and beautiful blue Sky. Photos have slowly been dropping on the Internet of the happy day for Aitchison after her big day, and the outpouring of love and support for her from fans and friends, famous or not, has been a steady stream.

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