Stretchy Ice Cream Exists And Is Quickly Becoming A New Summer Obsession

People trying this new dessert are wondering what sorcery parlor owner Michael Sadler is using.

Sadler in Republic of Booza, NY
Republic of Booza / Facebook

People trying this new dessert are wondering what sorcery parlor owner Michael Sadler is using.

Republic of Booza is a new storefront in Brooklyn, New York. With a bright store front and a name similar to booze, some customers come in confused on what it is that the food service venue serves up. Booza, as it turns out, is the title of a kind of Arabic ice cream, known for an elastic texture. This stretchy ice cream also has a higher resistance to melting and is claimed to be one of the oldest forms of ice cream. It’s obviously not common in America, as this tasty snack can currently only be found in one location with a variety of non-traditional flavors in the States, reports Thrillist.

This Levant born ice cream style has an interesting list of ingredients which help set Booza apart from other common ice cream styles. The Republic of Booza touts being the “world’s first modern booza shop serving The Original Ice Cream in a huge range of Classic, Global, and Experimental flavors.” They have a website coming soon, but can currently be found on Facebook, Yelp, and Instagram for more information on this traditional Middle Eastern ice cream.

Shop owner Michael Sadler, a former Oxford scholar, opened The Republic of Booza in June 2018, and photos of this unique treat are beginning to cover Instagram and other social media. Sadler has several partners in his business.

Typically, in the few other locations in the United States where booza can be found, the flavor options consist of traditional pistachio or qashta, which is candied cream. Sadler offers a wide array of flavors at his parlor in Brooklyn. He has options such as black walnut, strawberry, butter pecan, chocolate, salted oreo, and so many more. Booza comes in all the typical ice cream favorite flavors, as well as what they call the Experimental category or the Global options, with flavors such as Aka, Nover Noir, and the traditional qashta.

The ingredients of this dessert besides milk, cream, and the flavorings are salep. Sadler explained the booza ingredients to journalists and on social media. He also says booza packs more flavor per scoop than other styles of ice cream.

“Salep is a flour traditionally made from orchid root, and mastic is a resin that comes from the mastic tree in Greece.”

Those who have gotten to try the sweet snack say the texture when eating booza is not rubbery or chewy, despite outer appearances. Instead, the texture is described as “intensely creamy.” The fact that salep helps booza to melt slower also makes this form of ice cream the ideal form, at least in Sadler’s opinion. The unrelenting sunshine and heat waves being faced on a global level surely do in most ice creams, but booza claims to hold up far longer.