‘Halloween’ Should Have A William Shatner Cameo, According To Its Producer.

It’s knowledge, perhaps not quite as common as some may think, that the original mask used in one of John Carpenter’s most successful films, Halloween, was actually a William Shatner mask painted white.

Nick Castle originally donned the famous mask, portraying Michael Myers, a murderer who escaped a mental institution and is generally regarded as the embodiment of “pure evil,” as famously remarked by Donald Pleasance in the role of Dr. Samuel Loomis.

Malek Akkad, son of original Halloween (1978) producer Moustapha Akkad, is producing the upcoming 2018 Halloween sequel. According to MovieWeb, Akkad would love to get William Shatner to make an appearance in the Halloween franchise, though so far that has never happened.

William Shatner rarely acknowledges his likeness being used in the original horror film, but according to Malek Akkad, does make light of the situation in private. Akkad indicated that he and other filmmakers involved in the franchise were genuinely grateful to Shatner for essentially allowing them to create one of the most critically acclaimed and financially successful horror franchises of all time.

Mask from Halloween.

In an interview with Halloween Movies, Akkad elaborated on the prospects of a desired, but unlikely William Shatner cameo, and whether or not Shatner has ever reached out to filmmakers.

Not to me directly, and from what I hear he doesn’t really acknowledge it. I think he makes light of it. We actually have one of the original impressions of Shatner in our office in L.A., so obviously we’re really grateful to him, and in certain ways we’ve tried to reach out to him (to) maybe do an appearance? Lord knows he’s busy enough with Star Trek stuff… but you never know.”

The sequel, distributed by Blumhouse, is officially doing away with every previous sequel and the two Rob Zombie-helmed remakes, and is instead set to be a direct follow up to the 1978 John Carpenter classic.

William Shatner was recently in the news after a Twitter tirade, in which he declared he does not supply autographs for fans when out in public. The actor notoriously refuses to sign merchandise or photos for fans when out and about with friends or family, as he states that allowing one person an autograph eventually snowballs into numerous people lining up for an autograph.

“If I’m out & about with family or waiting for a plane & I do it for one; an instant line 50 forms,” he tweeted. “So if I say no to #1 or #21 it’s the same – I’m a jerk. So to save time the answer is no. There’s a time and place for everything & conventions are that place.”

William Shatner is 87-years-old and originally became famous for his portrayal of Captain Kirk on the original Star Trek series.