Khloe Kardashian Talks About Working Out After Having A Baby

Khloe Kardashian
Cindy Ord / Getty Images

After taking a mini-maternal leave, Khloe Kardashian is back to hitting the gym, E! Online reports.

“It was something I was craving during my pregnancy, I didn’t get to work out as hard as I liked to and it was annoying. I was like ‘I know I can do more,’ but my trainers wouldn’t let me. They were like, ‘You gotta sit your ass down,'” Khloe told a reporter for E! Online.

In April, Khloe had her first child, a baby girl, with Tristan Thompson. They named the baby True Thompson. Khloe took a break from the gym to be a mom and now she’s back at that beast mode.

Although she took a gym break, Khloe still managed to lose 33 pounds. She didn’t plan on that, either.

“I don’t have like a, ‘oh I have to lose twenty pounds in ten days,’ I don’t think like that at all,” Khloe explained.

Khloe didn’t realize how different working out would be after having a baby. She said that breaking a sweat can feel like a “whole mind-altering situation.”

She’s also keeping busy with being a reality star and having her own clothing line. Being the fitness addict she is, Khloe launched a new a line of fitness apparel, which leaves her feeling comfortable and looking good, despite feeling like her body has changed post-partum. She says it is a little weird dealing with a body, post-pregnancy.

“It’s really hard, I don’t really know how to dress my body yet. I am still figuring it out ’cause you just feel different.”

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In late June, Khloe went for a workout with Tristian and shared it on her Snapchat. It was the first time the pair were out in public since Tristian was accused of cheating on her. Khloe seems to be still standing by her man, despite her family not approving.

“She still thinks she’s making the best choice for her and True,” said a source to People. “She doesn’t need her family’s approval and will keep doing her thing.”

Another source concurred and told People, that Khloe and Tristian “seem to be in the best place they’ve been since the scandal.”

“Khloe’s super family-focused and wants to keep her family together,” said the source. “The focus is on their newborn daughter. Tristan’s been supportive and helping out when he can.”

One thing is for sure, Khloe is definitely sticking to her gym routine.