‘Big Brother 20’ Week 6 Spoilers: First Hacker Competition Winner Revealed, Shakes Up Nominations

The first Hacker Competition has taken place and the winner has changed the HOH's nominations.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Season 20
Sonja Flemming / CBS

The first Hacker Competition has taken place and the winner has changed the HOH's nominations.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 20 of Big Brother.

Two nominees have been put up for eviction this week with Head of Household Angela Rummans at the helm. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Angela nominated Scottie Salton and Angie “Rockstar” Lantry for eviction. Unfortunately for Angela, her nominations were not guaranteed with the new Hacker Competition twist.

This new twist would set a new competition in motion each week with a houseguest winning in secret. The winner has the option to reveal their power if they like to or not and is given a plethora of responsibilities. For one, the hacker can take one person off the block and put another houseguest up anonymously. They also can pick one person to play in the veto competition, as well as the ability to remove one houseguest’s vote at the live eviction ceremony. Big Brother live feeds Twitter account RealVegas4Sure revealed that Haleigh Broucher was the first winner of the new hacker competition.

So far, the Texan has not revealed her powers to anyone but has decided to shake up the game anonymously. Haleigh has removed Scottie from the block and replaced him with mastermind Tyler Crispin. Tyler was absolutely shocked, as was the rest of the house by the mysterious nomination and plans to remove himself in Saturday’s veto competition.

Haleigh Broucher of Big Brother Season 20
Haleigh Broucher Sonja Flemming / CBS

It’s unknown at this time if Haleigh chose someone anonymously for veto or if she let the veto meeting play out as normal. Fellow live feeds account BB_Updates tweeted that Tyler, Rockstar, Scottie, Angela, Brett, and Kaycee will be playing in today’s Veto Competition meaning every member of the “Level 6” alliance is competing for Tyler’s safety.

If Tyler is removed from the block, Scottie can be put up again as the second replacement nominee. His removal by Haleigh does not guarantee his safety for the week. Much of the chatter on the live feeds in the last 24 hours have consisted of the houseguests speculating who won the Hacker Competition, with Haleigh vehemently denying she has the power. Most of the “Level 6” alliance believe Bayleigh Dayton is the hacker, and there is talk of backdooring her if Tyler is able to get himself off the block.

Bayleigh also still holds a power where she can overrule an HOH’s nominations with her own nominees for eviction. The entire house now knows about Bayleigh’s power thanks to Brett’s eviction speech this past Thursday. The flight attendant is unlikely to use it now that it will paint a major target on her back. Her power cannot be played this week, as she must tell production of her nominees before the HOH names their houseguests at the nomination ceremony.

Tyler Crispin of Big Brother Season 20
Tyler Crispin Sonja Flemming / CBS

To see the Hacker Competition play out and Haleigh’s thoughts from the diary room, watch Big Brother this Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.