What We Know About Season Two Of 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,' So Far

Production on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel began in March, and according to Cosmo, the second season is set to be an exciting one. When we last saw Mrs. Maisel, she had gotten miserably drunk with Susie at the beginning of the finale after her tirade the episode before got her banned from the comedy circuit. Midge and Joel slept together after their children's birthday party. Though Joel bragged to his colleagues that he and his estranged wife were back together, Midge remains mum about their tete-a-tete.

Though Midge tries to take a gig at a strip club, her actions from the previous episode have come back to haunt her. When Joel heard Midge's comedy recording, he became embarrassed and seemingly shifted back to the old, insecure Joel. After tracking Lenny Bruce down, Midge is able to perform at the Gaslight. Joel saw his wife perform for the first time, and lashed out at Susie for "breaking up the family." Joel got into a fight with some men who'd been heckling Midge, and Midge ended her set with "I'm Mrs. Maisel, thank you and goodnight!"

Though there is no premiere date listed, the second season premiere will reportedly take place in Paris. Rachel Brosnahan, the Golden Globe award-winning actress who plays Midge, posted several photos to her Instagram page. One of the first table read, and the other of herself holding a baguette. In the caption, Brosnahan wrote, "Parting is such sweet sorrow. Au revoir 12 daily baguettes. Au revoir Paris. It's been swell."

This season, there will be 10 episodes instead of eight, giving fans the chance to spend time more time with Midge as she tries to balance her burgeoning comedy career, job, and her family life. As Brosnahan said, the Midge at the end of Season 1 seemed to be in "three very distinct different worlds."

"By the time we leave her at the end of season one, she's a working woman with a job, and she's also trying her hand at stand-up comedy. And those three worlds, they don't work together very well. So I look forward to watching her struggle to maintain those three different identities simultaneously," she said.

Additionally, fans can expect to see those closest to Midge react to her stand-up comedy. In Season 1, the only people in her circle who knew about her comedy was Susie and Joel. Midge and Susie will also take her act on the road, particularly to the Catskills, as show-runner Amy Sherman-Palladino says. Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls and Zachary Levi of Chuck might be joining the cast. Levi is slated to play an "eclectic Manhattan doctor," while Graham's role has not yet been defined.

The show has already been renewed for a third season, so fans of the series will enjoy seeing Midge's comedy chops grow while her family life evolves.