Kate McKinnon Brings Down The House By Rapping In Hungarian On Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’

She’s known across the globe for her laugh-out-loud impersonations and comedic acting, but it appears that Kate McKinnon can now add one more job title to her resume: rapper. Hungarian rapper to be exact.

On Friday, People reported that while appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show earlier this week to promote her new comedy-action film, The Spy Who Dumped Me, McKinnon, 34, completely brought down the house when she ended her interview by flawlessly rapping in Hungarian.

The Saturday Night Live star told Fallon of her desire to learn the language as her new film was shot entirely in Budapest, Hungary.

“Hungarian is the second-most difficult language for native speakers of English to pick up, so I studied every day so hard for three months, and at the end I could not order at a restaurant,” McKinnon said.

While the Ghostbusters actress may not have been able to successfully order her food in the Eastern European language, she remained steadfast and sought out a different route in which she could still use the language: rapping.

McKinnon enlisted the help of her friend and driver, Eric, to school her on “how to rap in Hungarian.”

“His technical job was to drive me to the set, but his real job was to teach me how to rap in Hungarian, which he did.”

The Masterminds actress joked that it took her “a whole year” to learn one verse of a rap song, and as to be expected, Fallon asked McKinnon if she would mind giving the audience “a taste” of her accomplishment to which the audience immediately began cheering. The SNL comedian agreed so she could prove to Eric that his Hungarian rap lessons were not “totally in vain.”

In the 1990s, Hungarian rap band Animal Cannibals released a song called, “Yozsefváros,” which depicted the “rough” life that the Budapest district of Józsefváros was experiencing at the time. This is the rap song that McKinnon mastered one verse of.

She remained seated when she started out, but by the end of her Hungarian performance, McKinnon had dominated the stage as the audience went crazy. The second McKinnon began rapping, one might have difficulty believing that she hasn’t been speaking the language her entire life.

Not only was the audience impressed, but Fallon himself immediately got up after she was done and proceeded to bow down to McKinnon in praise.

Fans can see McKinnon star alongside Mila Kunis and Justin Theroux in The Spy Who Dumped Me, which is now in theaters, and they can also watch her Hungarian rap performance below.


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