Justin Bieber Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction While On Date With Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber suffered a bit of a faux pas during a date with his fiance Hailey Baldwin recently. While sagging pants remain stylish in some circles, it appears that the "Baby" singer's pants fell just a bit too low to be described as fashionable.

The 24-year-old pop star's pants fell down exposing his white underwear, according to Hollywood Life. However, the singer didn't appear to notice a breeze or anything as he went about business as usual despite the fact that his green Gucci sports shorts had fallen during his casual outing in New York City.

The two were reportedly heading to the movies when his pants succumbed to the pull of gravity. Today's incident wasn't the first time Bieber displayed his undergarments accidentally. In fact, in 2013, his black underwear shocked the world during a concert when his red leather pants fell down as he performed. Just before that incident, he'd actually used his hands to hold up his underwear. His see-through Calvin Klein's made an appearance once in 2014 in Ibiza, and in 2017, it happened again in Los Angeles. Somebody get this guy a belt! It seems Bieber never learns that without a belt, he's at risk of exposing himself to the world, and not everybody wants to see that.

Check out Justin Bieber's fashion blunder here.

The incident comes right as GQ dubbed Bieber's style as Dirtcore. The magazine hailed the "Beauty and the Beat" singer the "King of shorts." They posit that perhaps the singer is entirely unaware of fashion in any way. It's not even as if he's choosing not to follow fashion or style rules. He's merely utterly ignorant in all ways.

According to the article, "Justin Bieber's dirtcore haircut is perfect. It is peak effortlessness—not only because it lacks effort, but because it also lacks upkeep. It is a commitment to non-grooming: slightly overgrown, brassy, matted with grease. Bieber's hair shows us that effortlessness is not a look, but a lifestyle."

It appears as if most parts of his look are that. One positive thing about his unfortunate wardrobe mishap today is that it seemed as if he had at least followed his mother's advice always to wear clean underwear. Things might have turned out much worse had he failed in that regard.

For her part, Baldwin appeared wholly unruffled by her soon-to-be-husband's lack of ability to keep his pants above his behind, which is probably an essential aspect of their relationship given the singer's propensity for accidentally losing his shorts to gravity.