Nina Dobrev Rocks Revealing Swimsuit On Instagram As She Promotes Her 'Cosmo' Cover Story

Nina Dobrev may have a busy schedule, but she still has time to lounge in a revealing swimsuit and remind her fans to check out her new Cosmo cover story.

The actress took to Instagram on Friday to post a picture of her tiny pinstriped swimsuit, which her fans seemed to love. The picture drew thousands of likes and a slew of supportive comments, including one who simply wrote, "Bodygoals!"

Nina shared another picture of the swimsuit in her Instagram story, which also highlighted her Cosmopolitan cover story that delved into her love life and her #MeToo experience.

When asked if she had any moments that crossed the line, Nina Dobrev said that, "Like any woman in every industry, yes."

"Comments have been made," she continued, as reported by E! Online. "People have said things that are inappropriate. I've been able to handle myself and speak up for the most part. But I have seen a lot."

Nina didn't go into specifics of what happened to her or what she has seen, but the actress has been known both for her charitable work and social advocacy.

In the Cosmo interview, Nina Dobrev also talked a bit about her social media posting habits, and why she tends to stay solo in her pictures.

"I don't typically post photos with significant others, which is funny, because when I do post a photo with a guy, the media will pick it up and assume I'm dating him," she said. "It makes me laugh because, in reality, if he is on my Instagram, that means I'm not dating him!"

Of course, Nina Dobrev doesn't even need to be in a picture with any guy at all to make waves. Earlier this year, she garnered headlines on celebrity news outlets after posing with Nikki Reed, the wife of Nina's former flame, Ian Somerhalder. As the IB Times noted, there were rumors that the two women were once feuding, but they had shot down those reports and appeared to move beyond the reported drama. But it still sent the rumor mill into motion after the two appeared together at the InStyle Golden Globe Awards after-party earlier this year.

The Cosmo interview comes at a busy time for the actress. She currently has five different projects in various stages of production, including the upcoming crime thriller, Lucky Day, where she stars alongside Crispin Glover.

More pictures of Nina Dobrev lounging in her swimsuit can be found on her Instagram page.