Iconic Music Albums Are Recreated With Cats

Kittens across the world have been thrust into the rock and roll scene after a series of albums were given a feline makeover.

The likes of The Clash’s, London Calling, and Blondie’s, Parallel Lines, were recreated with pictures of cats replacing those involved instead. The Clash’s 1979 classic album normally features the band’s bass player, Paul Simonon, with his guitar in the air as it is about to be smashed onto the ground.

Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, the soundtrack of Grease, and Bob Marley’s Legends have also been adjusted.

Of course, kittens are extraordinarily popular on the internet so it is no surprise that this pictures have gone on to become viral sensations. The images’ creator, Alfra Martini, showcases his latest pieces of work on The Kitten Covers tumblr.

The about section of the site reads, “Legendary albums from a world dominated by kittens … All kitteny album parodies by Alfra Martini of aymvisuals.”

Martini started his project on October 31, 2011, when he renamed Radiohead’s Pablo Honey, and New Order’s Low-Life, as Pablo Kitten and Mew Order respectively. The likes of Kiss, Metallica, and Iron Maiden have also been honored in this unique way.

This website has become hugely popular on the same day as it was also revealed that cats kill billions of birds, rodents, and other mammals, in the United States every year. According to Mara there are 84 million pets cats in the country and each of these creatures kill around four and 18 birds a year.

Which is your favourite “cat” album creation?