Man Who Led Police On High-Speed Chase Said He Was Speeding Because He Had To Poop

A man who reportedly crashed his car into a house after a high-speed chase with police had a rather unusual excuse when he was asked why he allegedly went through all that trouble — he urgently needed to poop.

According to a report from Yakima, Washington-based KIMA TV, Yakima police first spotted the suspect, 32-year-old Marlowe Olney, on Thursday as he drove past a stop sign and continued speeding when they attempted to pull him over. Police reports suggest that Olney’s car crashed through a fence and into an abandoned house, after which he tried to escape on foot.

Once he was arrested, Olney reportedly claimed that he was speeding because he needed to poop, adding that he wasn’t able to pull over because his car didn’t have any brakes.

Not much else was known about Olney at the time of the KIMA TV report, but a 26-year-old man with the same name was mentioned in a May 2013 report about a gang shooting in nearby Wapato. According to NBC Right Now, he was one of two people who were injured in the shooting, which also took the life of a 19-year-old man. It wasn’t expressly stated whether the Marlowe Olney mentioned in the report was a gang member or not, but Wapato police authorities said that the incident took place at a “known gang house” that had previously been the site of multiple drive-by shootings.

Marlowe Olney, 32, reportedly told police he was speeding because he needed to poop.

While claiming that you need to poop might sound like an outlandish thing to say to authorities as an excuse for speeding, a report from Patch from earlier this week suggested that people recently arrested for speeding in Minnesota had a slew of other “ridiculous” excuses for the cops. These included an individual who reportedly told police they were “trying to make it to Taco Bell before it closed” when they were arrested for going 99 mph in a 65 mph zone and someone else who said they were “excited to get home and start cooking” after receiving a glass cake pan from a friend.

As seen above, it isn’t unusual for drivers to give creative excuses when caught speeding, even if the Patch report didn’t mention anyone who was going over the speed limit because they had to answer the call of nature in the worst way possible. However, it was also noted that there were drivers who were honest with their arresting officers, including “at least one” driver who freely admitted that they were “going nowhere near the speed limit.”

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