Reggie Bush Unlikely To Return To Dolphins In 2013

Reggie Bush is unlikely to return to the Miami Dolphins after seeing his career revive there.

The running back had more than 900 yards rushing in each of the past two seasons, but it now appears unlikely that Bush will return to the Dolphins for another year, CBS Sports reported. NFL Insider Jason LaCanfora said it’s “highly unlikely” that Bush plays for the Dolphins in 2013, despite the fact that the running back said he wanted to stay with the team. The Dolphins are expected to let him go via free agency rather than pay him.

There are several teams that could be interested in picking up Reggie Bush in free agency, noted. The Cincinnati Bengals and Detroit Lions could both use an explosive back like Bush to complement their passing game.

With Reggie Bush unlikely to return to the Dolphins, the team has many options for a replacement.

From CBS Sports:

“Unfortunately for Bush, he plays a position that is very expendable in the National Football League. From Terrell Davis in the 1990’s to Arian Foster the last few years and Alfred Morris last year, the NFL has star running backs coming from deep in the draft every season.

“Plus, with the rookie salary scale, paying a young player the smaller salary may make more sense than carrying Bush on the roster at a higher pay.”

Now that Reggie Bush is unlikely to return, the Dolphins could also turn to the draft. There are several solid running backs available, and the Dolphins have five picks in the first three rounds of the draft this season.