Lauren Goodger Accidentally Exposes Photoshopped Selfie, Uploads Wrong Picture To Instagram

Lauren Goodger had a real social media blunder when she accidentally confirmed to her fans and followers on Instagram that she does, in fact, Photoshop her photos before uploading them to social media.

According to Daily Mail, the former The Only Way Is Essex star made the mistake of uploading the unedited version of a selfie during a workout at the gym.

Only a few minutes passed between the time Goodger uploaded the first selfie, realized it was the unedited version, deleted it, and replaced it with a photoshopped version. Unfortunately for the 31-year-old reality TV star, many of her eagle-eyed followers noticed the photo swap.

In the second gym selfie, Lauren's waist had become a little smaller. She had a larger thigh gap and her arms were a little more toned.

According to Daily Mail, Goodger admitted to making huge changes to some of her social media posts after receiving a lot of backlash from her fans a few months ago. She, however, claimed that she didn't really understand why photoshopping her pictures was such a big deal as "even the Kardashians" did it.

At the time, Lauren had a recent picture on social media that fans slammed for photoshopping. The reality TV star was accused of using photoshop to slim down her waist in the photo. Goodger claimed to find the accusations and backlash to be flattering.

"I'm flattered that everyone seems to think I did. Like I always say, it's about lighting and angles and I know how to pose!"
Despite the waves from her photoshop and social media blunder, Lauren appears to be doing fairly well, despite her recent split from Joey Morrison.
Reports of trouble in paradise first surfaced at the beginning of the week after several claims emerged that Joey had been sharing very X-rated pictures with several other women – who weren't Lauren – from the comfort of his jail cell.

That same day, Lauren indirectly confirmed the suspected break-up by posting a miniature rant on Instagram about how she was leaving the past behind her.

"Keep the negative and the fake BS behind you," the reality star captioned her photo.

Lauren's Instagram comments contained a lot of praise and words of encouragement that she should use the opportunity to work on herself, as she didn't need a man in her life.

"Work on yourself! You don't need a man. Adopt! There's so many children out there needing a home, or a donor! Men are over rated and only ends in tears," one Instagram user commented.