‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Tells Thomas Ravenel’s Girlfriend How She Really Feels

Clay OlsenKathryn Dennis

Even though Season 5 of Southern Charm is over, the crazy after party has just started with the war of words. Kathryn Dennis has tried to rise above while Thomas Ravenel and his estranged girlfriend duke it out. But as a parting shot, Dennis tweeted a message telling Ravenel’s plus one what she thinks about blaming the stress of the show on her drastic weight loss and on-air meltdowns.

Last night on Twitter, Kathryn didn’t mince words as she told Ashley Jacobs to get lost.

“Girl this is your first year and you’re an a**hole. Sorry to be blunt but there’s no excuse. The original cast has been through a helluva lot more. Get yourself together and move on. Be an a**hole in private. Truth hurts. Bye.”

Dennis added her thoughts on a post by Southern Charm doyenne Patricia Altschul saying that Miss Pat held her tongue far more than she would.

“I admire ⁦⁩ for her restraint—this girl is trying to deflect and use her as a scapegoat and sorry..not true and won’t work for ya A! Move on. Ugh. Patricia is amazing and you took her kindness for granted. #byeA.”

And while Kathryn Dennis was still kicking butt and taking names, she dispatched Southern Charm Season 4 cast member Landon Clements who is now attempting to ride the ginger wave back to the headlines. Dennis reminded Landon that she backed the wrong horse in befriending Ashley Jacobs who hit Charleston like a tornado this season, calling Dennis an “egg donor” and ranting publicly that Dennis’ parenting was lacking. The same information was repeated on the show reunion which was attended only by Jacobs as Ravenel was barred.

Clements tweeted a message to Dennis, explaining that she was still blocked on Kathryn’s phone and on social media.

“It’s been a long road KD. Happy for your happiness.”

But Dennis wasn’t interested in anything that Landon had to say.

@clementslandon I moved on so long ago(?) Please stop mentioning me just to get in a headline. My coattails are tired and you really don’t care. If you did you would have said that to me..not the media. #clicktricks.”

After being solidly on team Ashley this season, Landon now has started doing press to say how proud she is of Kathryn. But Dennis says no thanks, and that she’s doing just fine without the support of Clements who left the show last year after not being renewed.