Nashville College Kid Raps His Wendy’s Drive Thru Order [Video]

Nashville, TN – A college student raps his entire order at the Wendy’s drive thru in the entertaining viral video below.

Since Nashville has a reputation as being the Music City, it makes sense that many living there would be musically inclined and that the entire city is something like a giant musical where people slip in-and-out of song during mundane daily activities. Sorry to shatter the illusion (I live there) but it’s not like that, which only underscores how unique and entertaining this viral video is.

Nashville hip-hopper M.r.B (college freshman Blake Mankin) has done just this, though: Rapping his way through every day mundane activities like picking up a Frosty at Wendy’s.

With his pals loaded in the back of his car, this Tennessee musician slings some rhyme while ordering at the Wendy’s drive thru in this viral video, rapping, “write this down just so you don’t forget this/I want everything on it, except no lettuce.”

Probably the most hilarious part of the video is the fact that the Wendy’s employee actually understands the entire thing, and repeats the order back perfectly. Oh, and M.r.B and his pals get their food for free.

The spot landed a nod on the Today show and has gone viral on college campuses.

You can check out M.r.B’s Facebook page here, or go to his official site to download the “Wendy’s Drive Thru Rap,” which will actually be featured on his upcoming album, “What The Funk?” releasing February 15, 2013. According to his website, the album will be available for free.

More information can be found in the description section of the YouTube video, here.

Watch M.r.B’s “Wendy’s Drive Thru Rap” below, and let us know what you think in the comments.