Angelina Jolie’s Kids Nearly Kicked Out Of London Museum For Misbehaving, Per ‘Radar Online’

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Having a celebrity status doesn’t mean that your children can just run wild in a museum without repercussions.

As Angelina Jolie is in the United Kingdom filming the second installment of her film Maleficent, the mother of six has been using her off time to hang out with her kids — Maddox, 16, Pax, 14, Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 12 and 9-year old twin Vivienne and Knox. Most recently, the actress took the children to London’s Natural History Museum on July 28 but her kids weren’t necessarily on their best behavior, according to Radar Online. A source close to Jolie tells the news outlet that Angelina had intended to take the children to the museum to enjoy a “quiet and educational” trip, but it certainly didn’t turn out that way.

“Angelina wanted a quiet, uneventful day out with her kids and wanted to blend into the crowd,” the source dishes. “But, like a lot of kids in museums, they got a bit bored and things started to spiral out of control.”

Among many things, the children reportedly tried to grab a piece of moon rock from the museum despite signs clearly saying that the display was off limits. The kids also almost knocked over a massive display of dinosaur bones.

“At one point some of her kids even almost knocked over a display of dinosaur bones and fossils!”

After a few questionable moments, security guards in the museum had to intervene and tell Angie that her kids had to stop being disrespectful or else they may be kicked out.

“Londoners aren’t impressed by seeing celebs wandering around exhibitions, and they’re even less impressed when their kids act like they can do what they want!”

The source also claims that Jolie and her kids were reprimanded just as any other people would be. Luckily, the kids stopped acting out after they were talked to though they left the museum shortly after the embarrassing incident. Had the kids done any actual damage to one the displays, most notably the dinosaur display, the source claims that even Jolie’s pockets wouldn’t be deep enough to cover the cost to replace the rare display.

Earlier this month, People shares that Jolie took her brood of children on another outing in London, this time to see the hit musical Wicked on London’s East End. A source who saw the children there said the children seemed “happy and relaxed,” a far cry from their recent behavior at the museum. And clearly, Jolie loves the play because a few cast members tweeted that it was her third time seeing the show!