‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap Wednesday, August 2: Steffy Chooses Herself And Says No To Liam & Bill

David LivingstonGetty Images

Bold and the Beautiful recap features Hope (Annika Noelle) bemoaning that Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) walked in on her and Liam (Scott Clifton). Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) felt that this only proved that they belong together, and the fact that Steffy turned to Bill (Don Diamont) indicates that they belong together, too.

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) was trying to persuade Liam to fight for his family. He said that through Liam’s actions she gave up on life, and it is up to him to do something to convince her otherwise. Bold and the Beautiful recap, via She Knows Soaps, states that Liam believed that Steffy turning to Bill means that there was far more to the situation than him getting caught with Hope. He told Ridge that he was not going to try and stop the wedding because he couldn’t.

Later Liam was looking at photos of Kelly and Steffy when Hope arrived. He told her that he doesn’t feel pressured into making a decision and that he was still excited about her pregnancy. He admitted that the last thing he wanted was his father to raise his daughter, In fact, he didn’t want Bill Spencer around Steffy or Kelly at all. Bold and the Beautiful recap states that he said that he didn’t understand how Steffy could choose to be Bill’s wife after everything he had put them through.

In the meantime, Bill was waiting for an answer. He had brought Steffy to his house with the intention of making her his wife. The nursery was picture perfect and Steffy’s wedding gown was ready to be worn in a simple ceremony in his living room. However, Steffy felt that Bill was moving too quickly. Bill defended his actions saying that Steffy’s path was with him because Liam and Hope were having a baby. He believed that Steffy should choose him. Steffy agreed that a choice had to be made.

With that, Steffy tells him that she can’t marry him because she’s not in love with him. B&B fans will remember that Bill has brought this up in the past and said that given time, she would love him too. However, Steffy says that she won’t fall in love with him. Bill then questioned if she wanted Liam back, but she says that isn’t her choice either. She declared, “My choice is me.”

She then proceeded to lecture Bill about how far he has strayed from what he said he valued most, his family. She feels that the time has come that she put herself and her daughter first. He wanted to know where this left them, but Steffy explains that she had reacted out of anger towards Liam. Bill then gets up and signs over his Forrester Creations shares. He told her that there were no strings attached and that she deserved it. Bill said it was proof of how much he loved her and was willing to give her family business back to her.

Steffy told Bill that one day she would pass on the shares to Kelly and that she would raise her to be a strong woman. She also realized that she doesn’t need a man by her side to be whole. Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.