'Shahs' Star MJ Javid Is Finishing IVF Treatments

Shahs of Sunset star Mercedes "MJ" Javid has already had a big year with her April marriage to Tommy Feight, but now she is hoping to take the next step and have a baby. Fans of Shahs have seen MJ start the process of having her eggs checked, and now she is reporting that together with Feight they are almost done with IVF.

Page Six says that MJ is hoping to be pregnant soon.

"We're almost done, so fingers crossed we'll be starting a family in the near future. The biggest message to women on this journey is to find a good support network or support group or people who have gone through it and talk about it because it'll probably feel better the more questions you ask."
Planning a wedding, getting married, and losing her father, Shams, in a short period of time has been stressful for Javid, but she is looking forward to the next chapter. Fans will get to see much of this on the new season of Shahs of Sunset.
"Getting married and planning a wedding in a month is very stressful, so that's really fun to watch too."
Bravo says that MJ jumped right to doing IVF because she's 45 years old and it will improve her chances of success and get pregnant the first time. Javid spoke to Jeff Lewis about her IVF journey on his podcast, Jeff Lewis Live, and said that she hopes to be pregnant very soon.
"I've been going through IVF, and I'm ready to transfer an embryo. I'm hoping and praying. You don't want to jinx it. In a month and a half, hopefully, I'll be pregnant."
People Magazine reported that MJ has had a few setbacks, but nothing major to derail her pregnancy hopes. Javid had to have polyp surgery before implanting an embryo. Removing the polyps can greatly improve the chance of successful implantation.

Javid says she loves her doctor which has made the journey easier.

"I love my doctor, he's awesome. I feel like I'm in great hands."
Just before the implantation, MJ and Tommy are taking a trip to New York City as a couple, a "last hurrah."
"I won't be able to travel [afterward], because I'll be considered a high-risk pregnancy. I get to go to New York and have a good time."
The upcoming season of Shahs of Sunset will show the wedding of MJ Javid and Tommy Feight midseason.