‘ALF’ Reboot Coming Soon!

For those who loved the late ’80s/early ’90s sitcom about alien lifeforms, Warner Bros. is working on developing an ALF reboot.

According to a TV Line report, WBTV is in the beginning stages of planning the new series based on the beloved character from the sitcom. Originally, ALF ran for four seasons on NBC ending in March 1990 with the show’s 102nd episode. Paul Fusco served as both the voice and puppeteer of ALF, and so far, there’s no word on if he will be involved in the upcoming new shows.

The character of ALF, who hailed from Melmac, is highly recognized even today despite the show’s rather short run. TV shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory, Mr. Robot and movies like Guardians of the Galaxy andHot Tub Time Machine have referenced the furry alien with a nose like an anteater. The alien, who lived with a middle-class Tanner family after he crash-landed in suburbia, has made commercial appearances for both Radio Shack and DirecTV, so even the younger crowd would likely recognize this iconic piece of pop culture history.

One small aspect of the character that might not go over so well these days is that back in the day, ALF liked to eat cats. However, he seemed to keep that urge under control… hopefully.

In the original series finale, ALF was taken to Area 51, so perhaps he would somehow escape the infamous Roswell, New Mexico location to begin the show’s reboot. Currently, Warner Bros. needs the right writer to get the planned series off the ground.

Fans are excited to see the new show come to fruition, and they took to Twitter to express their delight. Some people just want to watch the show while others hope to try out and become the voice of ALF if the original actor does not voice the character. Some enterprising users believe that ALF, or possibly Tim Allen and ALF, could run for president in 2020. Strange things have been known to happen in U.S. politics.

One user even wondered if the alien could actually replace Roseanne. While that’s not very likely, it’s certainly been a year for reboots and spin-offs with Roseanne and its upcoming spin-off The Conners as well as a new season of Will and Grace plus the Full House spin-off Fuller House.

Until the reboot hits, fans who cannot wait to see more of the creature can check out reruns of the original show on Me-TV and the Starz app.

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