Melania Trump Laughed When She Saw Chrissy Teigen’s Comments About Her Gardening Shoes, Says ‘Hollywood Life’

Carolyn KasterAP Images

Chrissy Teigen has been making the headlines the past few days for her jabs at other famous people. First, she told Thomas Markle to “let Meghan be happy” and to stop embarrassing himself. This resulted in Meghan’s half-sister Samantha calling Chrissy a “pudgy airhead.” Later on, Chrissy made a joke about Melania’s perfectly clean gardening shoes in a photo taken September 2017, according to the Inquisitr.

“these look exactly like my workout soles. because i work out as much as this chick gardens”

And while Chrissy’s comments inspired a flood of memes, the original post by Teigen reportedly made Melania laugh out loud, according to Hollywood Life.

“Melania thought Chrissy’s Tweet was really funny, it actually made her laugh out loud, and it was pretty spot on, because let’s face it, gardening isn’t exactly at the top of Melania’s list of fun things to do.”

Some thought that perhaps the first lady would be offended, but it looks like Melania still has a sense of humor. Considering that her husband is facing tons of pressure and political drama left and right, it appears that some humor was much needed.

“In truth, Melania was glad to have something to laugh at for a change. It’s been a while. These days Donald [Trump] seems to be in a perpetually foul mood, and everybody in the White House spends their time tip toeing around him—the atmosphere is so tense most of the time, that you could cut it with a knife.”

Chrissy has actually been blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump because of some comments she made in the past against his administration.

There’s plenty for Trump to be in a foul mood over. First of all, his one-time personal lawyer Cohen appears to have secretly recorded conversations without his knowledge, which may be used against him in the future. Also, he’s received tons of criticism for his decision to attend a summit with Putin in Finland, and his subsequent invitation for a second meeting at the White House was politely declined. Moreover, Trump’s latest Twitter rant against the Iranian president also raised some eyebrows.

At the same time, the mishandling of immigrant children at detention centers is coming to light as families are being slowly reunited. Some children have been reportedly sexually abused, while some detention centers are accused of using psychotropic drugs as a “chemical straitjacket” on the kids.

So for Melania, a small joke about her apparent lack of enthusiasm for gardening was probably a breath of fresh air