WWE News: The Rock Wants To Wrestle At 'WrestleMania' Next Year

It has been a couple of years since Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had a wrestling match, but the rumors keep swirling that another one is coming. Everyone thought he would end up teaming with Ronda Rousey to face Triple H and Stephanie McMahon earlier this year, but movie commitments kept him from getting physical in the ring. Now, it appears as if it is time for the speculation to start up again, but some believe The Rock wrestling at WrestleMania 35 is a done deal.

At WrestleMania 34, Rousey made her WWE in-ring debut and everyone originally thought The Rock would team up with her. Due to his filming requirements on Disney's Jungle Cruise and other commitments, him getting back in the ring simply wasn't feasible or legally possible.

When he faced John Cena at WrestleMania 29, The Rock ended up suffering a torn pectoral muscle which caused problems and delays on the Hercules movie. Now, contracts are being drawn up that will stop that from happening again, but it appears The Rock is already making plans to wrestle next year.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestling Inc., Dave Meltzer is saying that The Rock wants to get back in the ring and have a match at WrestleMania 35.

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Meltzer went on to say that as long as The Rock can be away or outside of any movie commitments, he could return to WWE for a match or two.

"[The Rock] wants to wrestle at WrestleMania. You know [WWE] wanted him last year. He was originally in the Kurt Angle position, he had filming stuff.

"If there's a movie project or something [The Rock] has to film at that time or a week later or something it makes it difficult because of the injury risk. If he doesn't have anything much going on I would think that he would. My impression is that he wants to wrestle, you know The Rock loves wrestling."

Dwayne Johnson is obviously a very busy man as Hollywood is after him for virtually anything and everything they can put him in. Meltzer says that he loves wrestling, though, and The Rock has not held it in that he isn't yet done in the ring or WWE.

With WrestleMania still a number of months away, it is always possible that The Rock will have another movie commitment come up. If something really big comes his way, he's certainly not going to turn it down. Then again, if he has the chance to be in a huge match at the biggest WWE event of the year, it is very possible he could make another return to the ring. For now, nothing is set in stone, but it would be fun to see "The Great One" mix it up once again.