LeBron James Opens Up About Signing With The Lakers, Says ‘Dreams Do Come True’

Jason MillerGetty Images

Since LeBron James’ recent move to the L.A. Lakers became official, the All-Star has not spoken of the decision that rocked the landscape of the NBA.

A video posted to James’ online platform, Uninterrupted, shows the athlete talking about his feelings on the cross-country move as well as the new school.

“It’s kind of bittersweet timing, because on this hand I have a brand new school that’s opening and I want to be there on a day-to-day basis, you know,” James said. “And on the other hand, I’m moving. I’m moving to Los Angeles.”

After spending Monday opening his new, I Promise school, James answered questions about the new steps in his life as a world-class athlete with the Lakers.

“This is kind of like a dream come true for me.”

“You know, growing up, I was a Cowboys fan, I was a Bulls fan, I was a Yankees fan, and I’ve always felt like that was one of the historic franchises,” James said in a video, Sunday. “You look at the Lakers, and being able to play for a historic franchise, with so much history, you know?”

The 33-year-old signed a four year, $153.3 million deal with the Lakers on July 9.

After looking at pros and cons when the season ended as well as evaluating other teams, James chose the West coast. Although many speculate James’ decision to leave Cleveland was extremely quick, “King James” said he made the choice with his family.

“Next chapter in my personal life and that’s with the Lakers, getting to do what I love to do and that is play the game of basketball.”

Magic Johnson, the Lakers’ president of basketball operations said James’ is the “best player in the world.” Grateful to have a player with high championship-winning capabilities, Johnson said signing James is one step closer to the Lakers entering the playoffs and NBA Finals once again.

The Lakers finished the 2017-18 season 11th in the Western Conference. Despite the team’s past struggles, James shows excitement for a season filled with new faces on the Lakers’ roster.

James said during an interview with ESPN that playing alongside men who love the game of basketball like he does is what he loves.

James said he does not have set expectations of his new team, but wants to do better than last year, acknowledging they will have good months and not so good months.

“You guys know me when it comes to championship habits, that doesn’t mean you bring a championship to them. You practice excellence everyday and I expect that from not only myself but from my teammates,” he said.