‘Big Brother’ Winner Andy Herren Tweets That Fellow ‘BB15’ Star Amanda Zuckerman Had Died, She Fires Back

Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren loves to get people riled up on social media, and it looks like he just did it again. The BB15 star was posting to his Instagram Stories and Twitter account throughout a wild evening out on Sunday, but one post, in particular, got followers quite upset. In a now-deleted post, Herren seemingly tweeted that fellow houseguest Amanda Zuckerman had died. Luckily, Amanda is still alive and well, but Big Brother fans have a lot to say about this situation.

Anybody who followed Andy Herren’s social media on Sunday saw that he was having a grand time out and about with friends and he had a few cocktails. At one point Sunday night, the Big Brother 15 star tweeted that Amanda Zuckerman had died, and in some way, there was a bikini photo posted as well. Fans pushed back against the tweet and Herren pulled it down and addressed it Monday morning.

A fair number of Big Brother fans have noticed that Andy didn’t exactly apologize. He posted a tweet with a screenshot of texts he sent to Amanda just after midnight where he was telling her that a friend had dared him to post the most offensive thing he could create. He went on to text that what he came up with was her death announcement, and that the comments from angry people were making him laugh.

Andy wrote in his tweet that he thinks it’s truly and seriously funny that anybody took his prior post seriously. He adds that he and his friend were crying as they laughed over all of the responses overnight. Amanda didn’t respond overnight, as she was sleeping, but it looks like she woke up to all of the drama quite early Monday morning. Zuckerman initially tweeted simply that she’s alive and that Andy’s an idiot, and she put a simple post up on Instagram as well.

Amanda, who is now married and expecting her first baby, added later that she went to sleep at 8 p.m. Sunday night and woke up to chaos. It looks like she also replied to Herren’s original post with her “death announcement” with the simple reply “False.”


Big Brother fans noticed that McCrae Olson, Amanda’s former beau from her season, also got caught up in all of this drama. It looks like he shared Andy’s tweet shortly after it was made and made it clear that he thought it was awful. He also added another post shortly after that noting that there’s nothing one can say when their blood suddenly runs cold in the middle of the night like his did in this instance.

While Amanda and McCrae’s romance didn’t stand the test of time, Olson obviously felt gutted initially when he first came across Andy’s post and thought it might be legitimate. Andy Herren’s big joke fell flat with a lot of Big Brother fans, while a few thought that the outrage was somewhat over-the-top as they felt the post had obviously been a joke. While the BB15 winner never really did apologize to his followers from the looks of things, it looks like Amanda Zuckerman is fine and moving forward with her day.