Chrissy Teigen Shares Throwback ‘Jealousy-Fueled Meltdown’ For Anniversary Post

Emma McIntyreGetty Images for Finery

Model, cookbook author, and social media maven Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to reveal a throwback tantrum she had while recalling a special anniversary shared between herself and husband John Legend.

It has been 10 years since John Legend released both the song and video for the tune “Green Light” featuring André 3000. To honor the tune, the online magazine MEFeater shared a throwback post with some epic stills from the music video.

Teigen saw the post, retweeted it and then shared with the world an epic meltdown she had on the set of the music video, showing once again that even if you’re a model, musician, or just a fan, no tantrum comes without its consequences.

The model penned, “Fun fact, I had a jealously-fueled meltdown visiting this video set and made an a**hole out of myself to a large group of people.”

Teigen asked Legend about what really happened that day and it seemed he was only too happy to recall the meltdown moment.

Back in 2008, Teigen went to see her then-boyfriend film the video and watched as friends, including Legend’s manager and co-writers, were present for production and were casually talking about all the beautiful women on set.

The mom of Luna and Miles was watching the monitor when one of her friends stated, “Ooooooo look at that girl with John ooooooooo!” The model revealed she looked at the monitor like a “psychotic (tarantula) hawk,” looking for signs of impropriety between Legend and model.

She then noted that the couple met while filming a music video and quipped she “knew how this s**t works” between models and musicians on a video set.

“He probably laughed at something she said. And in my mind, it was some GRAND conversation I was conjuring up. They were probably just talking about craft services honestly but in my mind, she was like ‘hey we should ****.'”

She concluded the Twitter story with the following ending, which should serve as a warning to her hubby to stay faithful.

“I wish more happened but no. I was just a jealous, angry 22-year-old. I’m better now. BUT DON’T TEST ME.”

The couple has been married for five years.

Teigen was most recently in the news for slamming Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas Markle Sr. for not backing off in his comments regarding his daughter’s marriage to Prince Harry.

“This guy…this guy sucks,” she wrote on Twitter, alongside screenshots from the article — including one pointing out how Thomas claimed that Harry’s late mother Princess Diana “would have loathed the way I’ve been treated.”

“What’s wrong with him? Let your daughter be happy, please,” she remarked, adding, “This is embarrassing.”