Mindy McCready Denies Killing Boyfriend David Wilson

Country music singer Mindy McCready has flatly denied killing boyfriend and record producer David Wilson.

The troubled musician has reportedly struggled with drug addiction over the years while engaging in a custody battle over her 13-year-old son. According to Today, McCready said the death of her boyfriend David Wilson was easily one of the most painful things she has experienced in her life.

The country music star said of Wilson:

“He didn’t just touch my heart, he touched my soul. He was my soulmate.”

According to Us Weekly, authorities were summoned to McCready’s home after Wilson suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Although he was transported to an area hospital for treatment, McCready’s boyfriend later died from his injuries.

When asked if she had anything to do with Wilson’s death, Mindy McCready told Dateline such rumors were untrue. She also explained that gossip about his alleged affair were false as well. She said:

“Oh my God, no. Oh my God, no. He was my life. We were each other’s life. David was not having an affair with another woman. That is absolutely totally untrue.”

When pressed if she believed David Wilson was murdered, she admitted that she wasn’t sure. When questioned about why it took police so long to find the bullet, the singer said the item was hidden in her dog’s mouth.

Cleburne County Sheriff’s Department explained that the investigation remains open. However, there are currently no suspects in Wilson’s death. A report which will determine whether his death was a murder or a suicide is expected to arrive in the new few weeks.

ET Online explains that record producer David Wilson and Mindy McCready had been together for roughly two years. The couple reportedly had a nine-month-old child together.

Are you a fan of Mindy McCready? Do you think she may have had something to do with her boyfriend’s death?